You may have seen around the webs recently that Niner was looking to hire a new full time photographer/videographer. What most people probably didn’t see coming was mountain biking uber photographer Ian Hylands getting picked for the position.  If you’ve had your head in the sand for the last however many years, Hyland’s work has been featured in just about every major US mountain biking publication as well as countless web outlets (including ours),  and more.

According to Niner’s Marketing manager Carla Hukee, “This signals a new capacity for great content from Niner Bikes”. Hylands will be stepping down from his recent post as photo editor to joing the Niner team at their Fort Collins, CO office full time.


  1. notapro on

    @ poser- they don’t “seem”…they are road wheels. it won’t help make niner cooler but his work will definitely be missed @ pb

  2. Ummmm on

    Maybe they could put alittle money into making their bikes not crack. Or atleast now they will get better pictures of them. Niner your warranty sucks!.

  3. fastforward on

    Cool, great to know the money I spend on a Niner is going towards better marketing photos. Hopefully there will be a bit left over for engineering and testing.

  4. MGK on

    I second fastforward. If you got your sh!t together and are putting out quality, you don’t need an effin’ camera man. I like my SIR9….don’t need to be narcissistic about it. cheers

  5. Henry on

    NINER gets their bikes from the same overseas companies that everyone else uses, big deal… yawn… yawn…. Of course they’re a media company because they’re a Chinese wholesaler. PASSION. COMMITMENT and IMPORT. That’s their “Big Revolution.”


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