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NiteFLUX – Seriously Bright Bicycle Lights From Down Under

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After blinding trailside dingos for the past eight years, NiteFLUX is bringing their ultrabright LED bicycle lights to the states with a full range of ultra-bright racing and commuter lights.  Based in Australia, NiteFLUX has an extensive line of high tech LED-based bicycle lights.

The Photon Max, shown above, puts out 800 Lumens using a 12-watt triple LED.  To put that number into perspective, the average (non HID) car headlamp puts out 1000 lumens.

By comparison, the Photon Max’s 800 lumens dwarfs the 495 lumens from NiteRider’s 3-LED TriNewt, however, all that light gives it about an hour less run time (2.6 hours) than the TriNewt (3.5 hours).  But, you can run the Photon Max at 6w and get 5.3 hours out of it while pumping 530 Lumens onto the trail in front of you.

Read “more” to see the other models in the range with specs and pricing.

For the bean counters, here’s how those numbers convert into dollars per lumen (chart from NiteFlux website):

Besides being blindingly bright, the Photon Max (and all of their lights, for that matter) pack a tremendous amount of technology into their tiny little housings.  With LED’s, the cooler they are, the brighter they’ll shine.  NiteFLUX’s Photon Max uses “forced air cooling” to pull cool air through the alloy body’s deep heat sinks, and it incorporates a thermal sensor to automatically reduce power if the LED’s get too hot. LED’s provide a whiter light than halogens and some HID’s, so you can see clearer, and the real kicker is the bulbs last about 1000x longer.

All NiteFLUX products also use an Electronic Brain to manage power supply, prevent total discharge, provide low battery warnings and allow for multiple voltage battery usage.  This last feature means you can use the one-, three- or four-cell Vision Stick battery packs with any of the Photon Commuter or Enduro units to increase battery life or lighten the load, depending what your needs are.

niteflux photon max LED bicycle light bike lite

Photon Max Specs:

  • Three 4w LED bulbs
  • Lumens: 800  on Highbeam / 530 on Mid Beam / 266 on Low Beam/Flash
  • 12w High Beam / 6w Mid Beam / 3w Low Beam and Flash
  • 2.6 hour / 5.3 hour / 10 hour run times
  • Alloy construction with integrated heat sinks
  • 4 hour recharge time
  • Includes handlebar and helmet mounts
  • 16.8v 2200mAh Li-Ion



Photon 4 Commuter
At the opposite end of the spectrum is the Photon 4 Commuter, a small, wireless rechargeable light that mounts quickly to your handlebar.  Niteflux claims it’s bright enough for highspeed road use and XC trail use.  Package photo above, mounted photo below.  Specs include:

  • 270 Lumen 4w “high beam” single LED light
  • Tough alloy construction
  • Flash or constant mode
  • 2 hour runtime (8 hours on 1w “low beam” or 4w “flash” settings)
  • 1-cell Li-Ion Vision Stick battery
  • Quick-release handlebar mount w/optional helmet mount
  • Can be used as a handheld flashlight, too
  • 264g
  • $136.99 USD


niteflux commuter LED bicycle light


Photon 4 Enduro (below)

The Photon 4 Enduro has all the features of the Commuter but adds a 3-cell battery pack.  Because of the longer Vision Stick, it comes with an extension cord and strap on mounting bracket.  What you lose in simplicity over the Commuter is longer run time and lighter unit weight when running the light on your helmet (you can stick the battery in your hydration pack or jersey pocket).  Specs include: 

  • 270 Lumen 4w LED
  • 6 hour runtime (24 hours at 1watt “lowbeam” or 4w “flash” mode)
  • Helmet and Handlebar mounts included
  • Converts to handheld flashlight
  • $203.99 USD



Photon 8 Enduro + DUAL SYSTEM

The Photon 8 Enduro+ Dual System basically combines the Photon 4 Enduro with the Commuter, giving you the option to run two handlebar lights or one HB and one helmet light.  If you’ve ever done a 24 hour race (or just ridden at night), you know the benefits of having lights in both places.  Specs include:

  • 270 Lumen 4w LED (per bulb)
  • 6 hour run time (24 hours at 1w “lowbeam” or “flash” with 3cell battery) 
  • 2 hour run time (8 hours at 1w “lowbeam or flash” with 1cell battery)
  • Includes helmet and HB mounts
  • Includes one 1-cell and one 3-cell Vision Stick battery pack
  • Both bulbs convertible to handheld flashlights
  • $336.99 USD

Check their website, they’ve got a great photo set showing each product shining on a measured course so you can see just how bright these things are.  We’ve got a Commuter on the way for a full review, stay tuned.  If you’re a dealer and interested, contact your J&B Importers rep to get these bad boys in your shop.

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Juan Andrade
Juan Andrade
9 years ago

I have lost the handlebar mount for my photon 4 light. How do I order a replacement?

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