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New NorthWave Veloce Extreme Road Shoes Increase Your Watts by 4%

Who doesn't love free watts?

NorthWave Veloce Extreme both shoes
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Thanks to close work with an hour and Olympic champion Filippo Ganna, the Veloce Extreme is the new top-end performance road shoe for NorthWave. The shoes are 100% Made in Italy and boast not only a new name but an assortment of new features. This new fast footwear has a redesigned sole and enclosure system that claims to engage more muscle, meaning more watts.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme tops

There is a lot to unpack here, so let’s start with the name…

NorthWave Veloce Extreme one

NorthWave Veloce Extreme – What is it?

The Veloce Extreme dethrones the Extreme Pro 3 as NorthWave’s top-tier road racing shoe. The Veloce Extreme has been discreetly working under the World Tours’ most prolific riders for most of the 2023 season, with subtle tweaks for production.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme front

NorthWave’s new road race shoe boasts hundreds of hours of testing with 50+ professional riders. The testing consists of intense lap work on ergo trainers and real-world testing on some of the sport’s most iconic roads.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme toe

The final product is a shoe that can increase riders’ comfort while giving them a better pedaling platform, taking advantage of all muscle activation.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme side

Introducing the Powershape HT

One of the most notable features of the Veloce Extreme shoe is the carbon sole that extends to the heel cup. This design is the Powershape HT (High Tail). The design adds torsional stiffness to the overall design, but internally, it guides the foot with ergonomic and structural support.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme heel HT

Put side to side with the previous version of the NorthWave Powershape, the Powershape HT shows an increase in the minimum intra-rotation of the foot during pedaling.

Northwave Arch

What does that mean? It reduces the total amount of rotation of the foot. NorthWave suggests it optimizes the thrust during the pedaling motion and reduces the movement of the frontal plane of the ankle. It allows the foot to apply better power to the crank and engage more muscle.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme HT

Does that mean increased power output? Funny, you should ask…

NorthWave Veloce Extreme both shoes

Up your max power output by 4% and stability by 9%

The Veloce Extreme was the subject of a bio-mechanical study examining the effectiveness of the new PowerShape HT sole compared to Powershape, Northwave’s highest-performance sole.

Northwave explains, “Credit goes to the technical solutions patented by Northwave, which are aimed at minimizing energy dispersion in each phase of every pedal stroke, both in traction and push-off. Specifically, sprint, incremental, and constant power tests were conducted. ”

NorthWave Veloce Extreme cleat

The asymmetric design allows the rider both freedom of movement and support. The external heel (outside) can move slightly, but the inner heel (inside) uses the Powershape arch to boost support and power.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme speed play

Compared to the original Powershape sole, the Powershape HT increases stability (uncontrolled movement) by 9%, reduces perceived effort by 15% (measured by RPE, “Rate of Perceived Exertion”), and increases maximum power output by 4%. In short, less effort, more power, and Northwave has the data to prove it here.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme arch

Like the previous versions of the Powershape, the unidirectional carbon has ventilation for super hot days in the saddle. The cleat pattern accommodates both three-bolt styles and four-bolt SpeedPlay cleats without adapters.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme dials

Anatomic Retention Support 2.0

Extra arch support helps get the most from the new Powershape HT, and the updated ARS (Anatomic Retention Support) helps guide the foot into place. The new Veloce Extreme uses SLW3 X-Dial micro adjustment knobs for retention and comfort. The X-Dial knows to use a fabric-like material that gives that hold a snug feel without the burn of overtightening.

Made in Italy Updated Footbeds

Along with the new line comes an updated footbed with two separate offerings: a slim 3mm and a taller 5mm size. Both come with the shoes so the rider can attain the best fit. The footbeds boast an updated metatarsal support area that pairs well with the updated Powershape HT sole.

Northwave Veloce black and white

Availability and Sizes

Available online and in stores in sizes 36 to 48 (with half sizes from 39.5 to 45.5) and in white and black.

NorthWave Veloce Extreme weight
  • Weight: 274g (without footbed) in size 42.5
  • Price: $429.00 / €399.99

Look for a full review coming shortly and for more information, check out: Northwave.com

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6 months ago

I had a terrible experience with NW XC shoes. They started getting torn up 3 weeks in. When I reached out to them they said it was due to normal wear and tear. I could ship it in on my dime for evaluation but no guarantee it would be fixed/replaced.

6 months ago

Hopefully the NW laces last longer on road shoe than they did on my NW Rebel 2 MTB shoes. The upper laces were shot after 9 months. NW charges $10/lace despite being inside warranty period. Luckily there is enough excess lace I could tie a square knot. This is compared to BOA and their lifetime warranty. Fill out a webform and FREE replacements are delivered.

6 months ago

Sign me up! a 4% increase in watts would put me into another realm! I’d be slaughtering all my PR’s and winning every race I enter. Do they make a mtb shoe that would do the same?

6 months ago

I really wish they’d do 49s and 50s in their high end road shoes, rather than just a few low end or winter MTB models. These look great. Last design looks fantastic, they have virtually no toe lift, and they have both 3 and 4 bolt with a good amount of backwards adjustability for each. I know they can do bigger sizes of their high end road shoes, because some of their sponsored riders have or have had them. Specialized for example sell a load of 49s in all their high end shoes.

6 months ago
Reply to  Oliver

NW 49 is roughly equivalent to Specialized 49 FWIW.

Bo Jangles
Bo Jangles
6 months ago

None of this will translate to real world riders but have been pleased with Northwave mtb shoes. Glad to see they ditched their proprietary dials for BOAs.

6 months ago
Reply to  Bo Jangles

Those aren’t BOA’s, still using their own.

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