Remember that crazy looking sensor that’s been at the front of a number of Argon18 race bikes? If so, you may recall that at Eurobike last year, the sensor which is designed to help you improve your CdA, or Aerodynamic Drag Coefficient, in real time is now part of a subsidiary of Argon18 called Notio Konect. Meant to now be a stand alone sensor for any brand of bike, the tech is about to hit the market – with some direct help from Notio Technologies.

Notio Konect Tour will teach customers first hand how to improve their aerodynamic drag Notio Konect Tour will teach customers first hand how to improve their aerodynamic drag

Coinciding with their global launch of the first producing units, Notio is hosting a North American Tour that will start in Canada and end up in Washington. Notio Technologies envisions it as a chance for customers to buy the sensor package (at a discounted rate) and then receive hands on training and personalized group training to improve your CdA in real time. In exchange for a ~25% discount, you’ll get first access to an “early adopter” version of the device which Notio claims has been tested with professional cyclists and is fully functional.

The device, coaching, and “promotional gifts” will run you close to $1,100 though, and spots are limited. In total, Notio Technologies says this first run is limited to the first 500 registered cyclists over the span of the 10 stops.


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Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
4 years ago

Wonder how this would work in comparison with Dr. Ferrari’s low cost wind tunnel test “a 200-300m long descent, steep enough to allow speeds of about 50 km/h without pushing on the pedals, immediately followed by an uphill distance so to slow down and stop the movement of the cyclist in a reasonably short time: the farther the cyclist stops, the more aerodynamically efficient is the position.”

4 years ago

A coast down test is very cheap, but this thing offers instantaneous Cd assessment, which is useful in the way that instantaneous power readings are. Also, it can account for wind to some degree.