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Nuvinci Releases New Continuously Variable Internal Gear Bicycle Hub

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PRESS RELEASE: Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (Fallbrook), a technology company dedicated to improving the performance and flexibility of transmissions for engine- and human-powered devices, today announced and displayed its new NuVinci 360 CVP bicycle drivetrain (N360) at the Taipei Cycle show in Taipei, Taiwan.

The N360 represents a major update and enhancement of the NuVinci bicycle drivetrain. As with previous NuVinci hubs, the N360 uses spheres instead of gears to transfer torque, but the number of spheres has been reduced from eight to six.

The N360 is 30% lighter, weighing just 2,450 grams (5.4 lbs), and has a 17% smaller overall diameter than previous NuVinci models. Shift effort is significantly reduced, even under high pedal forces. Nominal ratio range is 360%.

The N360 also provides an enhanced shifting interface. There is a more direct feel for the rider, with 50% less shift grip rotation required between the lowest and highest ratios. Because shift effort under pedal torque is also less, riders can shift easily at any time, in practically any condition. The sleek, newly-designed shifter and shifter display now includes the icon of a rider on its unique “inchworm” indicator. Additionally, the new hub interface is inside rather than outside the frame dropout, reducing the likelihood of damage in the event of a fall.

The company believes these changes dramatically widen the range of bike models that can potentially use a NuVinci drivetrain. These model types include Trekking, Mountain, Sportive and Flat Bar Road bikes, as well as Urban, Commuter, Folding, Hybrid, Cruiser and eBikes. Several bike manufacturers, including Batavus, Derby / Raleigh, Ellsworth, and Simpel are among the first to have chosen the N360 for their new mid-year and 2011 models.

“With its smaller size and improved shifting, the N360 opens the door wider for manufacturers everywhere to make NuVinci technology part of their business strategy,” said Alan M. Nordin, president of Fallbrook’s Bicycle Products Division. “At a time when more people are using or considering bikes as basic transportation because of environmental and economic concerns, the N360 offers a great opportunity to meet the growing needs of the market.”

Fallbrook expects volume production of the NuVinci 360 to begin in Q2 2010.

NuVinci technology is a practical, economical and universally adaptable continuously variable transmission for human- and motor-powered vehicles and machines.

The NuVinci CVP uses a set of rotating and tilting balls positioned between the input and output components of a transmission. Tilting the balls changes their contact diameters and varies the speed ratio. The NuVinci CVP can be used in a wide variety of transmission-based vehicles or devices.

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