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OHM Cycles Updates e-Bike Range with Sport and Urban Models for 2010

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PRESS RELEASE: OHM Cycles recently introduced its 2010 line of electric-assist bicycles, once again improving the performance of the best “pedalectric” bikes on the market. For 2010, OHM Cycles will offer commuters and biking enthusiasts two models: the Urban XU700 (above), and the Sport XS750 (shown after the break). Each model delivers a comprehensive solution to eco-friendly transport, says company president and co-founder Michael DeVisser.

Since their debut in 2007, OHM Cycles electric-assist bikes have helped riders climb hills faster and ride longer – thanks to OHM’s revolutionary Intelligent Drive System that features an LCD command console, rechargeable battery and a rear-wheel motor. The Intelligent Drive System seamlessly combines a rider’s pedal power with that of an electric motor. Through a combination of sensors, rider-supplied power and intelligence, OHM bicycles respond to the way the rider pedals and provides a smooth, seamless sensation of added power.

The OHM Urban XU700 model is ideal for urban commuting and overall cycling fun. The XU700 features an aluminum frame, upright riding position, and front suspension. Power is delivered through a long-range 37V 10Ah Li-Mn Power pack, 350W auto-assist motor, and 27-speed Shimano Deore Drive.

The OHM Sport XS750 model is designed for all-terrain riding. The XS750 features an aluminum frame, dual air front suspension and suspension seat post. The drivetrain utilizes a high-powered 37V 10Ah Li-Mn Power pack, 350W auto-assist hub, and 27-speed Shimano Deore LX Drive


Here’s a closer look at key features of the 2010 OHM Cycles e-bikes:

Multi-functional LCD command console

The OHM LCD command console puts e-power at your fingertips. The console features a multi-function meter that displays speed, remaining battery charge, and level of assistance or regeneration. Using the handlebar-mounted console, the rider can choose from four levels of power assist – 35, 75, 150, and 300 percent boost to the rider’s pedaling effort. The back-lit LCD screen is easy to read day or at night. And there’s an anti-theft alarm to protect your bike.

Powerful, Lightweight Electric Motor

The brushless electric motor is integrated into the rear wheel and is powered by an innovative Lithium Manganese battery that can propel the bike up to 20 mph with quick acceleration and superior hill climbing power. The OHM electric assist motor is lightweight and efficient. Moreover, the motor features a recharge function that can recharge the battery on the fly, while you ride. The regenerative braking system captures up to 10 percent of energy normally lost.

Advanced Battery Technology

The OHM Lithium Manganese rechargeable battery is easy to use, safe and built for extra range. Riders can travel up to 75 miles power-assisted on a single charge – and even longer distances if the rider uses the regeneration function and lower power levels.

The battery system includes a charger that recharges your battery in less than three hours. The battery can be charged right on the bike or riders can use OHM’s unique quick connect system to easily remove and recharge the battery pack.

Weatherproof and Reliable

OHM bicycles are designed to operate in a wide variety of climate conditions. All electronic components, including the control console, battery, charger and electric motor, are sealed to protect them from the environment.

Clean, Green Transportation

Since OHM bicycles are electrically powered, they produce zero emissions during operation. Powered by Lithium Manganese batteries, OHM bicycles typically take three hours to charge at a 110/220 volt outlet and consume about one kilowatt hour of energy while recharging. A rider can travel up to 120 km (75 miles) on one battery charge, consuming 0.052 kilowatt hours per mile on average – four to five times more energy efficient than a motorcycle or scooter.

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