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One Rad Week: So Many Awesome Videos

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If the past few weeks are any indication, the rest of the Summer should be chock full of epic riding highlighted by some talented film makers. We start by taking a look at the latest clip of one of the most famous trail dogs, Lily Pad. The tiny Jack Russel is back in Lily Shreds 2.0 from MtnRanks. Just as entertaining as the first, and very well produced, Lily is back shredding trails in Utah and Oregon.

Don’t miss the other amazing videos after the break…

So BMX is pretty much just a video game now…

Sixth episode of the series “New Best BMX Tricks”, entitled “Pushing the limits”, edited for the year 2014.

From X Games LA to GC Compound in Australia, in passing by Instagram’s videos, this video presents the biggest tricks in BMX, by the best riders in the world.

Check it and share !

Edit : Paul Calvière

Song : The Wombats – Moving to New York

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Cane Creek shows us how they absolutely kill it in North Carolina…

Cane Creek employees Brandon Blakely and Evan Voss shreddin’ on the DBinline in Western North Carolina.  

Mavic explains Adventure Enduro…

Plenty of riders chose to avoid the Enduro race course and instead seek the thrill and sense of adventure in a more free and exploratory style. These guys find the most rugged terrain in the most remote part of the world. They also appreciate the total experience of MTB, including time off the bike. This film shows Mavic’s vision and understanding of these riders and the way they play on terrain of all types.

Andrew Taylor & Niki Leitner give us some insight to the Inca Avalanche and Machu Picchu…

In Episode 2 of mountain bike masterpiece Seasons of Shred, the crew’s journey through the highlands of Peru continues. We follow them from Cusco to Ollantaytambo to take part in the Inca Avalanche race, a hardcore enduro event. But it wasn’t all work and no play. After some grueling days at the Inca Avalanche it was time to check out one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. After a quick visit the crew found one last mtb riding stop above the Sacred Valley before ending their Inca invasion.

Director: Fabian Kluhs
Producer: Andrew Taylor, Niki Leitner, Fabian Kluhs
Athletes: Andrew Taylor, Garett Buehler, Niki Leitner
Sports: Adventure, Mountain Biking

Pinning It Down the Inca Trail | Seasons of Shred with Andrew Taylor & Niki Leitner, Ep. 2

Brandon Semenuk and Brendan Fairclough take in a bit of the good life between filming in Fiji…

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Semenuk and Fairclough head to Fiji to shred a custom built trail for the film Rad Company. The boys brave the heat, humidity and cyclone Lucy to film the first ever downhill trail in Fiji. Along the way they ride some jetskis and take a few high speed tumbles, only to shake it off by drinking some Kava with the local village chief.

And to finish it out, why not just drop into a cave in Mexico? Aaron Chase shows us how in part 3 of Through My Eyes.

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Follow along with freeride mountain-biker Aaron Chase as he and the crew build a sick MTB drop straight down into a cave in Mexico! Through My Eyes takes us into Aaron’s life on the bike, giving us a POV tour through his world as a professional freerider.

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9 years ago

That. Was. Awesome.

9 years ago

Those punk BMX kids… Amazing. Can’t wait for the haters to comment on how it doesn’t really count because they’re landing on soft ramps…

9 years ago

Doesn’t count cause they are landing on their saddles without the feet on the pedals.

9 years ago

Needed that. Put a smile on my face.

drewsey junction
drewsey junction
9 years ago

Nash- it counts cos it’s fkn sick.

9 years ago


9 years ago

Lilly the Dog: 0:51 before they actually do any riding.
Cane Creek: 0:46 before they actually do any riding.
Mavic Adventure Enduro: 0:26 before they actually do any riding.
Inca Avalanche: 1:27 before they actually do any riding.
Red Bull: 1:35 before they actually do any riding.

“If the past few weeks are any indication, the rest of the Summer should be chock full of epic riding…” … but it will be August before we do any riding.

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