OneUp EDC Lite drops 9-function, 75g multitool into your steerer tube

The OneUP EDC Lite is a nine function multi-tool that lives on your bike. Slotting away discreetly into your fork steerer tube, you’ll never again be stuck without a multi-tool. The EDC Lite is an evolution of the EDC V2 tool, now in a more svelte 75g package. Let’s drill down to see what you get, and what you don’t get, for that 55g drop in weight.

OneUp EDC Lite Multitool

oneup edc lite mutltool 75g lives in steerer tube no threading required

The OneUp EDC Lite’s welterweight comes at the expense of losing a tire Lever, chain breaker, spoke keys, valve core removal tool and a spare rotor bolt. What you are left with is everything you might need for making small adjustments to your bike at the trail side:

  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm   
  • T25 Torx
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
oneup edc lite nine function multitool allen heads t25 flat head screwdriver

In case you’re wondering; yes, the 4mm hex wrench is long enough to be used to tighten the headset

That should cover you for brake lever adjustment, headset tightening, saddle adjustments, pushing brake pistons back into the caliper (maybe), brake lever adjustment, rear shock tuning adjustments, axle removal, rotor bolt tightening, and i’m sure a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t think of right now. It’s a useful set of tools to have with you at all times.

oneup components edc lite tool tightens trp brake lever

The nine tools fold away into a traditional multitool configuration, housed within the EDC Lite Carrier. This carrier remains within your steerer tube at all times, so only the tool is pulled out of the steerer. It is essentially a deep-dished top cap with room for your tool.

Installing the OneUp EDC Lite Tool

OneUp claim a 5 minute install for the EDC Lite. Unlike the EDC V2 Tool, there is no need to remove the star nut or tap threads into your steerer, so there’s no worry about invalidating your fork’s warranty. OneUp do offer a special EDC Stem with a preloading function which lets you store the EDC tool in your steerer without threading it, but that’s another story.

oneup edc carrier green threads into star nut tighten headset

You will however, need to set your star nut 70mm deeper into your steerer tube using the setter bolt that comes with the multitool. Notice the bolt sticking out the bottom of the OneUp EDC Lite carrier. That replaces your standard top cap bolt, and performs the task of removing play from your headset, cinching everything down tight.

The OneUP EDC Lite is not compatible with all forks. First up, the steerer tube must have a minimum internal diameter of 24.1mm. Secondly, don’t buy one if you’re planning to run it with a Cannondale Lefty fork, a Giant Overdrive 2 fork, or any fork with a carbon steerer. It won’t work.

That said, at least theoretically, you could use this with a carbon steerer’s expansion plug. Here’s what Sam Richards from OneUp had to say on the matter: “Most carbon fork manufacturers don’t recommend using expansion plugs outside of the stem clamping area of the steerer tube, as expansion plug forces are meant to be resisted by stem clamping.  We recommend checking with your fork manufacturer first.”

oneup edc lite view inside steerer tube transverse section

The other consideration is steerer length. There are a small number of forks with very short steerer tubes that won’t take the EDC Lite. For all Fox forks, the steerer tube must be at least 190mm long, save for the Fox 38 fork which requires a steerer length of 210mm. For RockShox, the minimum steerer length is 210mm too.

To check whether your fork is compatible, measure from the underside of your fork crown to the top of your spacer stack, or top of your stem if you are not running any spacers above your stem.

Pricing & Availability

oneup components edc lite carrier red black purple turquoise blue orange green

The OneUp EDC Lite Multitool is available now for $40 // €40 // £33.50 // $53 CAD. Extra Carriers are available at $15 a pop, so you can run the EDC Lite tool on all your bikes (so long as you remember to switch the tool over). Get it in 7 colours; Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Turquoise, to match OneUp’s pedals, grips and handlebar decals.

oneup components edc lite tool all colors

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Dylan Sutton
Dylan Sutton
1 year ago

No chain breaker = No Deal.

1 year ago

What if I “accidentally” already threaded my fork steerer tube… can I just put this thing in there?

Fin McHugh
Fin McHugh
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony

I haven’t tried it yet but I would say yes…