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OneUp Releases Thick n’ Thin Grips for More Choices for Different Hands

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Canadian bicycle component company, OneUp Components are expanding its current grip selection to include its new Thick and Thin grips. Coming from a company that is made up of 27 mountain bikers that pride themselves on making the “parts they want to ride” it’s no surprise that they’re offering the right grip to help fit your needs, giving the rider more of a choice for grips.

Both of the Thick and Thin Grips have Durable Grip Ends. These are harder rubber compounds at the end of the grips that will help prevent the grips from tearing when you crash. Also, they’ll help your grips look fresher for a longer period of time. OneUp also says that they’re “also comfortable if you run your hands over your bar ends.

Both grips come in colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and Purple.

Thick Grips

OneUp Components Thick Grip
Photo c. OneUp Components

The OneUp Thick Grips taper in girth from 35mm at their thickest, down to 32.5mm at their thinnest point. They’re designed with extra cushioning and a softer compound to give the rider and “fully locked ion feel” while maximizing grip and minimizing arm pump.

OneUp Thick Grips also include a subtle palm bulge and ridges on the underside of the grips to fit in the creases of the fingers.

Thick Grip Specs

  • Diameter: 35mm max/32.5mm min.
  • Length: 138mm
  • Durometer: 20A
  • Weight: 144g

Retail and Features

$24.50 USD / $34.50 CAD / €29.50 EU /  £24.50 UK

  • Diagonal thumb ribs
  • Finger ridges underneath the grip
  • Palm bulge with mini cushion pads
  • The offset grip has more material on top for extra cushioning
  • Durable grip ends
  • Mini flange

Thin Grips

OneUp Components Thin Grip

The Thin Grips have no taper and are a straight 29mm diameter for the full length. OneUp says this design “maximizes bike feel and control… simple.”

Thin Grip Specs

  • Diameter: 29mm
  • Length: 138mm
  • Durometer: 25A
  • Weight: 106g

Retail and Features

$24.50 USD / $34.50 CAD / €29.50 EU /  £24.50 UK

  • Diagonal thumb ribs
  • Palm heel mini cushion pads
  • Durable grip ends
OneUp Components Thick grip black


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9 months ago

I guess it’s really what you prefer and it’s great to see that you have options. I have large hands (at least I use a large sized glove) but I prefer thinner grips.

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