While off the shelf bikes aren’t necessarily a bad thing, what if you could have something completely different than anybody else that is to your personal liking…. for no additional costs? Orbea has revamped their customization program and interactive MyO website to do more than ever.

Swagger past the break to see how you can pimp your ride, and tinker with it to see what you can come up with….

Orbea MyO custom bike program (2)

Orbea Myo 3Orbea myo 2

Five years ago we first introduced Orbea’s first MyO (My Orbea) customization program, and now it’s more extensive than ever. The previous version allowed you to interchange key parts of a build that you could adjust depending on your budget, needs, and wants. One thing it did not provide was color choices and putting your name on it. Well, that’s about to change.

Orbea Myo A

First you choose your Orca. The MyO custom program is available on Orca models between the $3999 M20 Cofidis all the way up to the $9,299 M-LTDI with the 959g OMR frame. You can also opt for the OMR Orca frame alone for $3,099 if you just want to transfer parts from your boring old frame.

Orbea Myo BOnce you choose your bike, you then chose between colors or components to start making changes.

Orbea Myo C

Here is where the fun begins: Orbea gives you 5 areas of the frame to alter. The 5 areas have 12 colors each to choose from, plus 3 colors for the decal.

Orbea Myo CB

Once you are married to a design you then move on, (unless you’re ADD like me and have to go back a few times until you do about 5 versions), and start swapping out components. Want standard over compact? A 11-25 vs 11-28 cassette? Better wheels? White bar tape? You can get the bike set up like you want it, and unless you’ve upgraded the wheels or saddle, you haven’t spent anything additional other than a little time.

Orbea Myo D

And what is custom if you can’t put your name or something catchy or motivating on the top tube?

Orbea Myo E

Finally you choose or calculate your size, then once you click “next”, you go to a screen letting you order your creation through the dealer of your choice or simply register and save it along with other versions you dreamed up. You can also choose to share it via social media to have your friends vote on their favorite design as well as print out a picture of it to hang in your office while you wait for your unique Orca to show up, (approximately 4 weeks).



  1. dl on

    From what I can tell though, 1.4m combinations as long as what you want is Shimano. Nothing wrong with Shimano, of course, but “have it your way” would seem to comport even a token SRAM or Campag option.

  2. Sickboy on

    @boom Are you calling a FREE pretty expansive number of options YOU get to choose yourself compared to the P1 gig where you PAY a ton for already set in stone designs half-assed? O.o


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