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Park Tool blue to the MTB Rescue with new multi-tool, BB, torque wrenches & shop tools

Park Tool to the MTB-5 Rescue Multi-Tool
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Park Tool has added a suite of six refined new tools for everyone from mountain bikers executing trailside repairs, to home mechanics, to professional bike shop servicing. With a through-line of making bike repairs easier without breaking the bank, check out the new Park multi-tool, spoke holder, BB tools, and torque wrenches…

Park Tool to the MTB-5 Rescue Multi-Tool

It’s hard to argue with a simple, compact & well-thought-out multi-tool to be prepared for on-the-go fixes. Park’s new $34 MTB-5 Rescue Multi-Tool uses a plastic body to hold together 16 core tool functions including a chain breaker that you can pop in a backpack, saddle bag, or your pocket.

Developed with mountain bikers in mind, the standout feature of the MTB-5 Rescue is a slot in the chain breaker to true an errant disc brake rotor, while the body of the chain tool itself is scalloped to be used as a disc brake pad spreader in case your buddy grabs your brake lever while you’ve taken the wheel out to fix a flat.

Park Tool MTB-5 Rescue Multi-Tool
c. Park Tool

The complete list of tools packed into the Park MTB-5 Rescue Multi-Tool includes:
• 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8mm hex wrenches, plus a T25 torx
• #2 Philips & flat head screwdrivers
• Chain tool (5-12 speed compatible, but not for peening Campagnolo chain rivets)
• 3.23 & 3.45 spoke nipple wrenches (equivalent to SW-0 & SW-2)
• Presta valve core remover
• Disc brake rotor truing tool & disc brake pad spreader

CSH-1 Clamping Spoke Holder pliers

If you frequently build, or even just true, your own wheels, a pair of spoke pliers are a super helpful tool.

The new $33 Park CSH-1 Clamping Spoke Holder will securely grip round or aero bladed spokes to prevent windup while you tension the nipples. It’s a helpful hand for J-bend spokes, but a total necessity for round straight-pull spokes.

Park Tool CSH-1 Clamping Spoke Holder pliers
Made to work with spokes as large as 2.3mm in diameter (13ga), the CSH-1 pliers are made of forged heat-treated steel with dual-density rubber grips for comfort.

BBT-47-12 & BBT-47-16 Bottom Bracket Tools

Anyone with a new-fangled T47 or threaded 30mm BB in their bike is going to eventually need to crank out the old bottom bracket and thread a new one in. Park has now added two new machined alloy bottom bracket tools to fit the majority of new premium oversized threaded external bottom bracket cups, so you can upgrade your BB bearings.

Park Tool BBT-47-16 BBT-47-12 Bottom Bracket Tools

CNC-machined in-house by Park Tool in the USA, the BB tools feature 12 or 16 notches to fit a wide range of bottom bracket cups. Each $29 BBT-47 Bottom Bracket Tool is anodized in bright blue, and laser-etched for easy identification. The tools feature a standard 3/8″ drive to fit your standard ratchet or torque wrench, and get knurled external grips to make it easy to start threading the BB in by hand (the knurled spacing even matches the 12 or 16 notches to help quickly pick the right tool.)Park Tool BBT-47-16 BBT-47-12 Bottom Bracket Tools

The twelve notch BBT-47-12 tool fits bottom bracket cups with outside diameters of 50-53mm (inner notch diameters down to 48.2mm), including:
• BBInfinite T47
• Chris King ThreadFit T47 AND King ThreadFit 30
• Enduro BBRight Torqtite
• Hambini T47
• Rotor T47 External 30mm AND Rotor BBright, BB30, BB386EVO & PF30 thread-togetherBBT-47-16 Bottom Bracket Tool

The sixteen notch BBT-47-12 tool fits bottom bracket cups with outside diameters of 52-54mm (inner notch diameters down to 48.8mm), including:
• CeramicSpeed T47/86
• Enduro T47 AND Enduro BB30/30a TorqTite (30mm or DUB spindles for either)
• Kogel T47
• White Industries T47 AND White Ind. PF30 Thread-Together

TW-1.2 & TW-2.2 Beam-Type Torque Wrenches

An economical option for mechanics looking to safely and correctly install sensitive or critical components to the proper torque specs, beam-style torque wrenches are hard to beat.

The straightforward needle gauge of  both the new Park TW-1.2 & 2.2 make it simple to dial in 0-60Nm (0-50ft-lb) of pressure to almost any fastener on your bike (works with right & lefthand threading).

Park Tool TW-1.2 & TW-2.2 Beam-Type Torque Wrenches

For $39 the smaller 11.5″ long TW-1.2 is perfect for lower toque settings topping out at 14Nm, i.e. stem, lever, seatpost & other smaller bolts clamping carbon components.

The $43 larger 17.75″ long TW-2.2 is built for bigger, high toque jobs up to 60Nm, i.e. those new bottom brackets, lockrings, crank bolts & more.

Both feature a 3/8″ drive to attach standard sockets, hex & torx wrench bits, or specialized crow’s foot wrenches.

All six new Park Tool tools are being delivered now worldwide through the standard Park shop distribution network, in your neighborhood bike shop “in the coming weeks”.


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2 years ago

I’ve got a click-style torque wrench but managed to strip the thread on a crank arm, possibly after missing the subtle click at the low end of my wrench’s range. The TW-1.2 is just what I was looking for, as most other beam wrenches — cheap and hard to screw up — top out at 8 Nm, when I need 14 Nm for a Shimano 105 arm. I might also pick up the TW-2.2 for the occasional bottom bracket work, as my torque wrench only works clockwise, i.e., one out of two parts of the threaded bracket. A shame that the Park Tools website doesn’t say anything about accuracy or certification thereof.

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