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Part 2: HetFairWheel Podium Gallery

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Renovo Wooden Time Trial Bike

Lets kick off round two from the HetFairWheel Podium Gallery with a Renovo hardwood TT bike.  I am in awe every time I see a Renovo fame in persion.  The details are always outstanding, and the finishes on the wood are stunning.  I have yet to ride one, but I am hopeful to throw a leg over one of their rides someday and try it myself.  A visit to their site will get you up to speed on the manufacturing and testing of their cycles.  Its an interesting read.  Oh, and that bike stand, they sell those to.

More images of the TT bike as well as an Ira Ryan with custom paint, professional cyclocross bikes, and some lightweight components after the jump.

Renovo Wooden Time Trial Bike Joint

Renovo Wooden Time Trial Bike Dropout

Renovo Wooden Time Trial Bike Downtube Logo

Custom Ira Ryan with Custom Paint

This Ira Ryan has one of the coolest paint jobs on a bicycle I have seen in a long time.

Custom Ira Ryan with Custom Paint Chain Stay

Custom Ira Ryan with Custom Paint Fork Detail

Custom Ira Ryan with Custom Paint Stem Detail

I really like how the design was carried from the fork and chain stays up to the stem, but done in a contrasting color.

Professional Cyclo Cross Bicycles Trebon Wells Powers

Also on display at The Podium are podium cyclocross bikes from (left to right) Jeremy Powers, Todd Wells, and Ryan Trebon.  Just look at the seat hight difference!

High End Leather Shoes and Gloves

Classy!  This gear would have been right at home in the Tweed Ride that was held the same day I visited the gallery.  I lust after those shoes.

KCNC Anodized Brakes

Around the gallery space there are little cubes full of goodies.  The products on display from KCNC were shown in a variety of colors.

Recon Cassettes in Purple

This purple cassette from Recon caught my eye instantly.  When I asked Jason from FairWheel about it, he informed me it was for a customer’s bike.  He also said that the purple hue was accomplished with a heat treatment, and that it is now a production modle should you want a splash of color on your own ride.

Tune Hub Customer Brass Washers on Spokes Enve Wheels

FairWheelBikes has a good relationship with Enve Composites.  They build up Enve rims with Tune hubs, use custom brass washers on the spokes, and will even print custom colored Enve decals for the rims to match the hubs, your bike, or pretty much anything really.

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11 years ago

wait what?
how did they end up with those cross bikes?
also why are these guys getting so much press about opening a shop?
lots of shops open all the time that sell high end parts, these guy just assemble bikes and parts,
it look more like a museum than an actual shop, it sure doesn’t sound like that much gets sold from this place if sold stuff is on display.

Nick Burklow
11 years ago

fleche1454, it is not a shop. It is more like a museum as you put it. The space is more akin to an art gallery. FairWheel BIkes runs it, and its called HetFairWheel Podium gallery. They will have a rotating display of rare bikes, race bikes, and fancy stuff from custom builders on display. Currently they have 12 bikes in the space, including those three podium winning cross bikes. In fact, Trebon was at the gallery opening the other night. And, nothing is sold here. If you happen to like what you see, I am sure something could be arranged, but this is not a business, it is a gallery.

Mark Adam
11 years ago

Boooyah fleche11415! Booooyah!


11 years ago

Very cool, their Di2 work (and their custom top caps) are delightful.

11 years ago

@nick burklow
thank you for clearing that up, it makes a little more sense now as to why are getting so much press

@mark adam
glad im not the only one who thinks that

Nick Burklow
11 years ago

@fleche1454 No problem. And, if you are in the area you should totally stop by the place. It’s a pretty cool experience. Besides, how often do you get to hold a 6.28lbs road bike?

5 years ago

Where is it located ??

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