As if to prove there’s no pleasing everyone, last year people wanted a short stem, so they machined a 35mm version of it. Now, people wanted a longer stem, so Paul Components is delivering with their new 110mm Boxcar Stem. It gets a 7º angle, helping it sit nearly flat when installed as a negative rise, and it’ll come in black, silver, gold and polished.

paul component 110mm boxcar stem machined in usa

Each one is machined from US-made 2024 alloy, which they say costs more (a lot more) than 6061, but lets them make a lighter, stronger stem. It’s also stiffer, claiming to be noticeably stiffer than most common competitors. Paul machines these things in house in Chico, CA, a process that lets them grind away any excess material to save weight but keep it where needed to remain strong. Each stem ships with T25 stainless steel bolts for the faceplate and retails for $149. Made for 31.8 diameter handlebars. Claimed weight is 203g. Available now.


  1. JDM on

    A -7 degrees stem will sit horizontal on a bike where the headtube is at 83 degrees. I dare you to find such a bike.

    • Alec White on

      What material would you prefer? Because I’d say 2024 is basically the only option if you are going to have a non-anodized polished finish. 7075 would be great on paper but with it being so prone to corrosion cracking I don’t believe it would be a wise choice for this application. Plus if the finish becomes dull just grab a rag and some aluminum polish.

    • Shafty on

      Yeah, that black/silver/gold ANO is REALLY prone to corrosion. If you’re worried about corrosion, pick one of those, or accept that without maintenance some light corruption is almost inevitable. Or make your own stems, since it sounds like you’re pretty good at it.

    • badbikemechanicx on

      News flash US-made 2024 alloy and stainless steel does not corrode. It may become dirty. The premise of the velokitty’s comment is incorrect.

  2. D-con on

    Wow, I didn’t know that you could buy a threadless stem over 200g for more than $30ish.

    I appreciate that Paul is building in California and know that some people like the anesthetic, but yikes.

  3. James Balentine on

    You don’t buy Paul Components because they are the lightest thing out there, you buy them because they are pretty and you know that in 20 years it will still be there doing it’s job.

    • Bob on

      (deleted). There is literally nothing that this stem does better then hundreds of others that are lighter, cheaper and better looking. The best part about Paul’s stuff is the only people that even notice are the ones that buy them. The rest of the world could not care less or even know what it is. At least if you drop the coin on an Enve stem people will recognize it.

  4. Bob on

    No they are just as insane but at least people recognize the brand. You pay a lot of money for a Paul’s whatever and it looks like a Walmart bike part from more than 2 feet away and no one knows the brand outside of the people that buy them.

    Would you pay $200k for a Ferrari that looked like a Ford Taurus with no Ferrari badging?

        • bob on

          So Paul’s is a recognizable as Enve? and were is the branding on the Pauls stem? yeah i didn’t see any either. Have fun paying a lot for that name that no one can read or knows about. And yes it is an ugly stem. looks like a 3rd grader got the idea from their juice box. you must have a lot of stake in this thing they way you defend it. i head back to my bridge now.

          • dontcoast on

            I think the shortys (35, 50mm) look good.

            And the Paul team has given me so many avocado toasts, bacon and whiskey handups over the years that I’m more than happy to give them my busines for something made in Cali.

            You’re right, it’s less recognizable than Enve. For me, I prefer a boxcar over a billboard.

            Would not run this 110mm, but hey strokes for folks, someone will put it on their Vanilla and be stoked.

  5. zipp23 on

    it only comes in 110 mm, so you buy the stem and get a matching frame to go with it? or is it only for people who are running a 110 stem already?

    • typevertigo on

      As per the Paul website it comes in 35, 50, 70, 90, and 110 mm lengths.
      Every length bar the 110 is available in 0 degrees rise.
      The 70 and 90 mm are available in +/-15 degrees, while (as stated in the article) the 110 mm is available in +/-7 degrees. FYI

  6. typevertigo on

    The 110 mm version certainly lives up to the “Boxcar” name the best I think. I dig the whole “chunk” of the thing…can’t afford it though.

    The black finish ain’t half bad either.

  7. Atanoman on

    Other than aesthetics, I don’t understand why anyone would buy a rectangular stem. Bar torque is by far the largest stress, and a circular cross section is the best you can get.

  8. Eggs Benedict a.k.a Darth Baller on

    Paul needs to pump out another stem, pronto. The more aesthetically controversial the better.

  9. Zeberoni on

    Funny, everybody is talking about corrosion. These stems were actually launched in 2015 (just not in 110mm). So far I haven’t heard of anybody having issues with corrosion. These are great components, just like everything else in the Paul range.


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