Last autumn during their weekly catch-up meeting, Paul Price – the man & name behind PAUL Component Engineering – told his crew that November 2nd would from that day forth be known as International SingleSpeed Day. He had a decent reason, but singlespeeders didn’t really need much convincing to go for a ride… so all agreed. Now it’s the 2nd annual ISSD, and PAUL are spreading the gospel of one gear, giving away prizes to those who join in and share the singlespeed love.

2nd annual International SingleSpeed Day: November 2nd, 2021

Here’s the deal. Singlespeed bikes are simple and fun. If you have one, you likely need little excuse to go ride it. PAUL makes some great singlespeed components, like the fixed Word hub I’ve been riding off & on, on & off-road for something like 20 years myself. Plus plenty of other goodies.

PAUL Comp International SingleSpeed Day: November 2nd, 2021

c. PAUL Comp

Last year Paul’s friend and fellow singlespeeder Dirt And Champagne (aka Amanda) said they should make up an international holiday to get people go ride one-geared bikes together. November 2nd sounded like a good date, and just so happened to also be both Paul & Amanda’s birthday. How convenient!

So that made it official: November 2nd was and is now International Singlespeed Day. Year one saw a bunch of folks in the PAUL Comp Rolodex join in on the fun. This year they want to spread the love further afield.

International SingleSpeed Day: November 2nd, 2021

To join in you just need to ride your single speed bike. If you don’t have one already, you can always zip-tie or duct tape your shifters into a non-functioning state pretty quickly. Or if you have some new-fangled electronic drivetrain, it can be as simple as unplugging the battery from your derailleur. Easy-peasy.

International SingleSpeed Day: November 2nd, 2021 prizes

prize pack: PAUL, Oddity, Squid Bikes

Spread the word and share your ride via Instagram with the #InternationalSingleSpeedDay hashtag. PAUL Comp will choose their favorite tagged Insta post, and send the lucky winner a PAUL Barbarian hoodie, an Oddity handlebar, plus a prize pack of goodies from Squid Bikes.

International SingleSpeed Day: November 2nd, 2021


  1. Tony pepperoni on

    Dang, it’s a bummer that Paul hasn’t heard of “gearS” before. They are great, and my old busted ass knees also think they are great


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