Peaty’s tubeless valves now compatible with tire inserts, plus spoke key cap

Peaty’s have updated their original tubeless valve offering to bring you tire insert compatibility, a World first spoke key cap and no fewer than 11 Chris King colorways to choose from. Available in two lengths, 42mm and 60mm, and covered by Peaty’s Valves for Life Warranty, surely there’s no reason to look any further. Let’s take a closer look at the MK2 Peaty’s tubeless valve.

Not all Tubeless Valves are created equal

santa cruz reserve wheelset peatys x chris king

I know, tubeless valves can seem like such a small and insignificant piece of bike componentry in the grand scheme. It’s just a valve – let’s air in and out. Big deal. Wrong. Fine attention to detail makes all the difference to valve quality and durability, and usability on the trail.

I just rummaged around in my jar of random spares to find three different tubeless valves. Are any of them compatible with the tire inserts I run? No. Why? Because the hole that lets air in and out is at the bottom of the rubber bung.

old tubeless valves not designed to work with tire inserts

The Rimpact tire inserts would push up against the bung, blocking the hole. I’m going to have trouble setting my tire pressures with these, and its going to be impossible to top up with sealant without popping a bead off. Not ideal.

So, what’s the solution?

Peaty’s Tubeless Valves – MK2 with Chris King

Other tubeless valves are available. But, these are the best ones I’ve seen so far. Granted, I’ve not had chance to test them yet, but I’ll update this post when I do.

mtb wheel valves compatible with tire inserts

To solve the problem presented by tire inserts, the MK2 valve has a 4-way cut out at the bottom of the valve. Air and sealant passes out the sides of the valve, rather than the bottom. That means, no matter how tight fitting your insert is, it should never block up the ports. 

peatys mk2 tubeless valves weigh 12g per pair 60mm

Like the MK1 valves, the valve core is removable. You can top up the tire with sealant through the valve stem when it gets a bit dry. And, it makes initial tubeless setup easier when you need to get rapid air flow through the valve for seating the tire.

What else makes these tubeless valves awesome?

A couple things, actually. Firstly, the tightening nut on the valve stem isn’t round. As you’ll see on the other tubeless valves I own, the tightening nuts have a rough surface for added friction so you can get a decent purchase to cinch them down tight.

Peaty’s tubeless valves go one step further – the tightening nut has two flat surfaces opposite one another which help you get a much better purchase on the nut. Better purchase means you can cinch it down tighter to form a super tight seal. Ideal.

peatys tubeless valve caps have spoke key valve core tightening tool

Peaty’s tubeless valves are bought in pairs. The valve caps are both functional – one is a valve core tightening tool. The other is a spoke key.

red tubeless valves peatys chis king spoke key end cap

No other tubeless valve offers a spoke key on the cap, so bravo. If you smack your wheel out of true on a ride, you should be able to restore the tension on your loose spokes at the trail side.

peatys mk2 tubeless valve pieces spoke key tightening nut stem rubber bung seal core

The stem itself is made of 7075 aluminium. The valve cores have a smoked black finish that will pair nicely with high end wheelsets.

Pricing & Availability

peaty's x chris king tubeless valves available 11 colorways

Peaty’s x Chris King MK2 Tubeless Valves are available in 42mm and 60mm options. Both will set you back £24.99 / 27.99€ / $34.99. With Peaty’s Valves for Life Warranty, you’ll never need to buy tubeless valves again – break the valves and they’ll send you new ones free of charge.

peatys service kit customize color combo

Accessory kits are available for £4.99 so you can change up your stem-cap-nut color combo. A service kit including new valve cores and seals is available for £3.99.

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2 years ago

It’s great idea to offer service and accessory kits. For what it’s worth,Tannus Tubeless Armor inserts do not block the valve.

2 years ago

But the spoke wrench will not fit many different nipple sizes, lucky if the cap fit your size.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Actually Hold Fast Cycling offers the spoke tool cap as well. And the core tool cap. Half the price, same colors.

2 years ago

I don’t know why 60mm valve is so common.
Large portion of deep wheels top out around 55-58mm.
Having 60mm valve is just a little too short. 70mm valve work a lot better with many aero wheels than 60mm length.

2 years ago
Reply to  Hexsense

@hexsense Most people using tire inserts aren’t running 50+mm deep rims. Maybe 303’s with inserts on gravel. But most people use inserts on MTB which of course tend to have shallower rims.