The PedalCell CadenceX is a new charging device to keep your phone, lights, and other accessories topped off – powered by your bike. Using a small fork-mounted generator, it charges a battery pack with two USB outputs, providing a steady power stream.

PedalCell CadenceX bicycle-powered charger

Pedal-powered charging isn’t new, but the folks at PedalCell aim to make it better. While Dynamo setups typically give an output that varies with your wheel speed, the new CadenceX system adds a stem-mounted battery to receive that variable power input – and put out a steady stream of juice for your devices.

The 15-20 watt generator attaches to most bicycle forks, and can be decoupled when you don’t want to use it. Made of weather-resistant polycarbonate and ABS plastic, the unit is said to be usable in any conditions.

There are two USB-C outputs on the back of the battery pack – one safety-prioritized 600mA, 5V, and one high-powered 2.4A, 5V.

The system is quoted to weigh about one pound, not including your phone or other devices.

Two kits are available. The standard package ($249) includes the generator, battery pack, USB C-to-A adapter, a 4mm hex screw and key, and 2x rubber mounting spacers. The Ultimate Bundle ($299) adds a variety of other power adapters, a phone mount, security screws, screw driver, extra o-rings, and more.

CadenceX is available for pre-order now, with deliveries expected in March 2020.

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Some guy
Some guy
2 years ago

Are you serious ? All of these stupid bike accessory startup companies should just stop. I mean for real some one please justify this joke of a product to help no one. Anyone that actually needs a dynamo for touring/commuting/bikepacking will go with a hub dynamo that will actually work and require someone that hasn’t claimed that there a bike mechanic because they once installed a square taper bb on a sweet fixie. This is just a cash grab by some one that doesn’t actually ride bikes and is a massive step backwards. Get a battery bank and call it a day

Regina Mills
Regina Mills
1 year ago
Reply to  Some guy

Damn, bruh. Just stick with your Draisienne and never ride or buy anything invented after the 1880s.

1 year ago

Thanks for sharing. It’s always interesting to see what new things people are making.

Sarah Wall
Sarah Wall
5 months ago

Nice idea, I like it