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Pipedream Moxie MK2: Refining & defining the elements of a winning hardcore hardtail

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Pipedream Cycles have launched the MK2 Pipedream Moxie, with updated geometry said to improve its stability at speed, manoeuvrability on steep terrain, and climb more efficiently. The Original Pipedream Moxie, launched at Eurobike in 2017, was designed for 27.5+” and 29” capability, with sliding dropouts allowing riders to tune the length of the chainstay to get the tire clearance necessary. It was ultra pleasing to look at, and proved a very capable Enduro bike, with Lewis Kirkwood taking the hardtail overall series title of the Scottish Enduro Series in 2018.

The Pipedream Moxie MK2 running 29″ wheels (left) and 27.5+ wheels (right)

Updated geometry of the Pipedream Moxie MK2


When Moxie frame designer Alan Finlay conceived of the Moxie, 25mm internal width 29er rims were the mainstay, with 2.3” width tires the most common. By the time the Moxie came out, the industry was already moving toward wider rim profiles, with 30mm internal width now the new standard, and burlier 2.4″ and 2.5″ tires the tires of choice. When running 29″ wheels, some rim and tyre combinations were proving to be a tight squeeze.


Listening to this rider feedback, Pipedream have given the Moxie an extra 10mm in the chainstay, with the sliding dropouts still providing 17mm of adjustment and a chainstay range of 425mm to 441mm. This range still overlaps the chainstay position of the MK1 Moxie, which had a range of 415mm to 431mm, but with the increased length there should be plenty of tire clearance for those more modern burlier rim and tire combinations. Running a 29er wheelset with a 30mm rim, the frame can fit most 2.5″ tyres currently available.

The 29″ wheel with 30mm wide rims and a 2.5″ Hans Dampf tire gives a good 8 mm of clearance, with a chainstay length of 442mm

Wheel size, head angle and fork offset all affect trail: bigger wheels, a slacker head angle or reduced offset increases trail so a bike can carve the turns easier and hold it’s line better in the steep stuff. The head angle on the MK2 Moxie has been slackened from 65.5 to 64 degrees and with Pipedream also offering a reduced offset fork, there’s the potential for even more geometry fettling.


The long reach of the Pipedream Moxie is part of the appeal of this bike, but for some riders, it felt a bit too stretched out when in the seated climbing position. Pipedream have addressed this by steepening the already very steep seat angle from 76.5 to 77.5 degrees, bringing the rider’s hips and weight forward relative to the bottom bracket. This has decreased the effective top tube length by 12mm, to 610 (size long) and 650 (size longer), without actually affecting the reach measurement. The steepened seat angle should keep the rider more centrally positioned ‘in’ the bike, giving greater control and manoeuvrability while climbing.


The frame itself is Taiwanese-made 4130 heat-treated Chromoly steel with double-, triple-, and quad-custom butting profiles for increasing strength especially at the tube-join areas. This design means that the frame can be finished cleanly without the need for gussets, massive seam welds or plates for strengthening joins.

The MK2 Moxie retains the custom machined chainstay-bottom bracket yoke


Pipedream’s original Sirius hardtail is responsible for the branding – The head badge features the Sirius Dog Star of the Canis Major constellation

Pipedream Moxie MK2 Full Geometry Details

Pipedream Moxie V2 Geometry updated long and longer 2019

The Moxie MK2 is available in sizes Long and Longer, serving rider heights of 5′ 5″ to 6′ 3″. Happily, Pipedream have gone to the trouble of providing both the unsagged and sagged geometry of the Moxie, with a 140mm fork and a 160mm fork.

pipedream moxie v2 sagged geometry chart

Pricing and Availability


The Pipedream Moxie MK2 is available now, direct from Pipedream, in Vivid Green, Vivid Pink, a prismatic Rainbow Silver, and Teal. The frame itself will cost you £629-£649 (~$800-$825), while DVO frame-fork bundles are also available. Pipedream can also provide a full Hope finishing kit, a Bike Yoke dropper post, components from Burgtec, and the new Pacenti P-DENT carbon handlebar.

For those who might be in the area, the Moxie MK2 will be on show this weekend (7th-9th June) at the Transcend Bike Festival, Tweed Valley, Scotland.

Elements of a Pipedream: Chromium, Manganese, Carbon, Silicon, Molybdenum, Sulphur, Phosphorous, and Moxie.


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Ol' Shel'
Ol' Shel'
4 years ago

Can anyone guess where the chainstay will fail?

(not immediately, but eventually)

Maus Haus
Maus Haus
4 years ago
Reply to  Ol' Shel'

Good call on the crazy looking CS BB yoke cut out. I’m not a frame designer but why cut it out in the first place… transfer less vibration or shock maybe. There is always the large knucklehead bruiser who kills bikes by simply riding half way aggressive. However I’m sure it will work fine for majority of riders. BTY, I’m the knucklehead bruiser.

Double ZZ
Double ZZ
4 years ago

At the welding table?

4 years ago

My mk1 is a great bike, but the tyre clearance is a joke. A 29 x 2.3 DHR 2 rubs while cornering and out of saddle climbs in the longest setting, making the sliding drop out feature redundant. Disappointing when it was advertised as having clearance for 2.4. The yoke design makes no sense when it curves in *towards* the tyre, and the chainring clearance is way more than necessary.

Phil M
Phil M
4 years ago

2.8 Magic Mary on the front and 2.8 Eddy Current on the rear . This Mk 2 Moxie running 27.5 + is straight and true – it’s a blast !

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