Pivot Shuttle eMTB loads up with Shimano EP8 system, massive battery, refined geo & more

Pivot’s Shuttle is ready to take you even further. The Shuttle being their eMTB, of course. When the original Shuttle was introduced in 2017, it wasn’t even available here in the U.S. That came later, as Pivot tested the waters to e-bike acceptance. What they found surprised them, as the first run of bikes available here sold out almost immediately. That popularity is sure to only increase with the latest version of the Shuttle which includes some tasty improvements.

Pivot Shuttle eMTB Shimano EP8 Pivot Shuttle eMTB Shimano EP8

One of the most notable is the upgrade to Shimano’s new EP8 drive system. If you’re plugged into the e-bike scene, you’ve probably already heard this, but EP8 is 380g lighter thanks to a new magnesium case, and it now offers 85Nm of torque, which is a 21% upgrade. There are also new assist ratio algorithms for smoother power, more assist in Trail mode, improved heat resistance, less drag, and more. And thanks to the the backwards compatibility of the mounting system, we’ve seen a ton of bikes making the upgrade recently, but Pivot didn’t stop there.

Pivot Shuttle eMTB on off switch Pivot Shuttle eMTB charging port Pivot Shuttle eMTB battery removal

Pivots always have beautifully integrated tech, and their e-bike is no different. Both the charging port and the on/off switch are integrated into the Pivot Cable Port System on either side of the head tube. Just under that, you’ll find the door for the massive new 726Wh battery (though it remains compatible with 635Wh and 508Wh batteries as well). Pivot claims that battery is big enough for most riders to ride up to 4hrs on a single charge and use all three assist modes. Charging is said to take around 2-2.5 hours with one bar left, or up to 5 hours for a completely dead battery.

New is a two bolt removal system for the battery which makes mid-ride changes easier if you want to tackle a really long ride (the previous model had 10 bolts holding it in place!). The new battery removal and the optional battery-off charging adapter will allow you to charge the battery either in the bike, or you can leave the bike outside and bring your battery in to charge.

Pivot Shuttle eMTB fox 38 Pivot Shuttle eMTB rear shock

Keeping the wheels glued to the ground (when wanted) is 140mm of rear dw-link travel and 160mm of front travel with eMTB rated and tuned suspension from Fox. Up front, the burly new Fox 38 is surely up to the task, and a new metric length Float DPX2 is employed in the back. 29″ wheels with Maxxis 2.5/2.4″ tire provide the final connection with the Earth. The back end of the bike is Super Boost 157.

Pivot Shuttle eMTB geometry

Offered in four sizes, the geometry would be considered modern, but not too crazy with a 74° seat tube angle, and a new, slacker, 64.3° head tube angle, and reach numbers of 420-485mm. The bottom bracket is also lower, now with 165mm cranks.

Pivot Shuttle eMTB complete build Pivot Shuttle eMTB spec

Offered in only one complete build, the Team XTR is specced with most of the best parts from Shimano, Fox, Pivot, DT Swiss, and Maxxis. Of course that doesn’t come cheap, and the complete bike is priced at $10,999. Available now.


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1 year ago

I like how the middle section of this e-bike mirrors my growing middle aged middle section.

1 year ago

cheaper than an sworks levo with way better spec

1 year ago

11K? WOW