PNW Components turns Loam into Composite Range Flat Pedal

PNW Component’s recent Loam pedal was so popular, it’s already sold out. If you’d rather not sit on the waitlist to snag a pair, they just announced another pedal option–the new Range.

PNW Range pedal in purple

Built with a very similar shape to the Loam pedal, the main thing that sets the Range apart is the construction. Instead of forged and CNC machined aluminum, the Range pedal is made from a glass fiber-reinforced nylon composite. While not quite as strong as a forged aluminum pedal, the composite construction does make them lighter weight–390g per pair.

The replaceable pins feature Allen head screws accessible from the opposite side to keep them from being mangled, and there are 22 pins per pedal. Like the Loam, the Range has a slightly convex pedal body, but the contact points from the pins are taller at the edges to effectively create a concave platform.


PNW Range PEdal details

Measuring 115 x 108mm, the platform is actually slightly larger than the Loam pedal, and they spin on a combination of a cartridge and roller bearing plus inboard bushing. Better yet, they’re available for $50 for the pair and in seven different colors.

Available now.

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5 months ago

I don’t like this trend of no wrench flats. I use pedal extenders that require them to install.

5 months ago
Reply to  Dan

Reasonable peeve. I wonder if it’s to save cost and keep the retail down? Maybe also a weight advantage? If you need pedal extenders there are still plenty of options. RaceFace Chester for instance. I’m excited for these PNW’s though. $10 less and the colors are… very nice.

5 months ago

NICE! but no pink for us girls? guess purple will have to do.