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POC rewards bike wizard with signature Fabio WidmerEdition gear

POC Fabio Wibmer Edition collection, title shot
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From his classic trials skills to double backflips over massive ski jumps, Fabio Wibmer is one incredible rider to watch. To celebrate his awe-inspiring bike handling and six years of sponsorship, POC has just announced their Fabio Wibmer Edition collection.

The pieces in this collection follow a black, white and gold color scheme, and all feature Fabio’s signature and/or unique graphics. POC has honored Wibmer with three different Fabio Edition helmets, knee and elbow pads, goggles and sunglasses.

Of course Fabio had to celebrate his new collection with a new web edit….enjoy this humorous clip about the fun of making bike videos!

Fabio Edition helmets:

Coron Air SPIN Fabio Edition:

POC Fabio Edition, Coron Air SPIN full-face helmet, right The Fabio Edition Coron Air SPIN full-face helmet features an image of Fabio atop a large staircase, in reference to a stunt from his Urban Freeride Live 3 edit. Fabio designed all the unique graphics within his collection, and signature is included on the back of the Coron Air SPIN helmet.

POC Fabio Edition, Coron Air SPIN full-face helmet, back

The Coron Air SPIN is designed to be light and well-vented enough for enduro or downhill use. The SPIN model features POC’s Shearing Pad INside technology, which reduces rotational forces on your brain during an impact. The helmet also includes a break-away visor, removable cheek pads and specially designed ear chambers that provide good hearing and actually aim to help riders maintain balance.

The Coron Air SPIN Fabio Edition retails for $325. Sizes XS-S/M-L/XL-XXL are available.

Tectal Fabio Edition:

POC Fabio Edition, Tectal open face helmetFabio’s signature Tectal open-faced helmet shows a smaller image of the ‘25 Stairs’ graphic found on the full-face, and bears his signature on the opposite side. The Tectal enduro helmet offers a deep fit with excellent back-of-head coverage and tough construction: POC bonds Aramid layers to the EPS foam liner for added strength, and covers that with a unibody PC shell. I ride a Tectal Race SPIN quite often, and can tell you the ventilation is top-notch.

Sizes XS-S/M-L/XL-XXL are available, and the Tectal Fabio Edition sells for $190.

Crane MIPS Fabio Edition:

POC Fabio Edition, Crane MIPS helmet

Of course Fabio needs a helmet for street and skatepark riding, so POC set him up with a signature Crane MIPS Fabio Edition. The bucket style Crane MIPS adds advanced crash protection, an adjustable retention system and a few extra vents to the traditional skate lid design. The helmet also features a dual-density foam liner and an extra thick dent resistant outer shell.

Fabio’s signature and ‘25 Stairs’ graphic appear in gold over the black shell. The Crane MIPS Fabio Edition’s MSRP is $120, and available sizes are XS-S/M-L/XL-XXL.


VPD Air Knee and Elbow Fabio Edition:

POC Fabio Edition, Fabio wearing VPD Air Knee pads

Knees and elbows always seem to find the ground when things go wrong, and a guy like Fabio goes through a lot of trial and error inventing never-been-done tricks. He can now protect his joints with his signature VPD Air Knee and Elbow pads, which feature Fabio’s gold signature on the Velcro strap.

POC Fabio Edition, VPD Air elbow pad, outside

POC’s VPD Air pads are simple but do an amazing job of staying in place (the knees are my current go-to’s). They have ventilated padding and a small overall footprint, which keeps them on the cooler side to wear. The VPD Air Fabio Edition knees retail for $90, while the elbows cost $80. Sizes XS-XL are available.


Ora Clarity Fabio Edition goggles:

POC Fabio Edition, Ora Clarity goggles

The Fabio Edition of the Ora Clarity goggle comes in White with Wibmer’s gold signature and accents on the strap. POC’s Clarity lens is designed to enhance contrast, and is color-tuned to make green and brown hues pop. Their flexible frames now offer improved ventilation, and three-layer foam padding should ensure a comfortable fit. The Ora goggle was designed to fit seamlessly with the Coron Air SPIN full-face and Tectal open-face. They retail for $110.

Define and Will Fabio Edition sunglasses:

POC Fabio Edition, Define sunglasses

The Define sunglass is an on or off-bike model that features POC’s Clarity lenses. The frames are made from lightweight, durable Grilamid, and the arms will pop off their hinges in a crash rather than just breaking. Hydrophilic rubber grips on the nosepiece and temples keep the Defines secure while you ride. The Define Fabio Edition comes in black with Wibmer’s golden signature on the lens and left arm. MSRP is $200.

POC Fabio Edition, Will sunglasses
*Images and video c. POC Sports

The Will sunglass is a versatile pair designed with a casual look but high-performance construction.  Fabio’s signature model gets a black colorway with his signature on the lens and left arm. Their Grilamid frames are lightweight, flexible and tough, and their lenses come with a Ripel coating for easy cleaning. Hydrophilic rubber inserts keep them secure regardless of wet weather or perspiration. The Wills cost $150.


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