In this episode, we interview multi-multi-multi-time national champion pro road racer Rahsaan Bahati. He’s been on some of the top, and most controversial, teams. Rahsaan shares how he got into cycling, his experience in the peloton and now leading a team, a foundation, and helping nurture the next generation of racers.

A couple of episodes ago, I interviewed my friend Christian about his experience as a black cyclist working in the industry. I invited him back to co-interview Rahsaan with me, and he brought the real questions with him.

We recorded this on June 9, 2020, about two weeks after George Floyd’s murder sparked massive Black Lives Matter protests across the nation. In that light, we discuss Rahsaan’s experiences as a black man racing and winning in a predominantly white sport, and wrap up with a few ideas on how all of us can help introduce a more diverse audience to the sport we all know and love so much… cycling.

One quick note: about 5 minutes in Rahsaan’s signal gets a little warbly, but it goes away within a minute, and you can still make out the conversation.

rahsaan bahati interview on how to make cycling more inclusive and introduce it to a more diverse audience


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