powertap p1s single sided power meter pedals

Introduced as a pair in early 2015, the PowerTap P1 power meter pedals launched as part of an increased power measuring lineup from the brand. Now, they’re offering a more affordable way to see what you’re cranking out with the P1s, a single-leg option that pairs one strain gauge equipped left pedal with a non-gauged right. That brings the price of entry to $699. All the tech is the same, you’re just getting half of it.

To get more out of that pedal (or pedals, big spender), they’ve also launched a new, free iOS app called Advanced Metrics that shows how efficient you are with each leg, and from left to right…

powertap p1s single sided power meter pedals

The P1s pedal combo will start shipping late this year, available through authorized dealers. Should you decide you want to measure both legs, they’ll sell a gauged right pedal upgrade kit, too.

powertap advanced metrics power meter analytics iOS app

Advanced Metrics shows your pedaling circles with (left to right) Heat Maps, Polar Plots and Vector Forces. They’re all showing similar information, just in different ways, giving you the info in a way that works for you.

powertap advanced metrics power meter analytics iOS app

It’s all part of the new PowerTap mobile app, which will also show your left-to-right power balance. Each screen displays in vertical or horizontal layout. Beyond the instant gratification, the app will track your ride with GPS, allow you to upload to Strava and other ride storing services, and show activity data. It also serves as the control center for your PowerTap devices, letting you change settings and update firmware.



  1. matt on

    If they were smart they’d offer an option for single sided power, either L or R and price them so that the total retail would be above a power and now power pair.

    Trolling hard today…

    • Chader on

      About 0.5* is the cornering angle loss with these pedals (according to DCRainmaker).
      That is a minor amount. If you hit with these, you would probably hit with other pedals.

        • rideifbikes on

          first time using them in a crit and I dug both right and left into ground, threw off the calibration and needed to send them back for service. but not until I totally blew up in a TT because I didn’t know the numbers were off.

      • Veganpotter on

        I liked my Time pedals but struck more times than I’d like. These are surely far worse. I’ve never struck my Speedplays, even when I’ve sorta tried to.


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