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Project 24.2 Review: Keeping our soft parts soft with Okole Stuff

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Every cyclist has spent a good day in the saddle feeling happy and loving life- only to sit down at work the next day realizing that more than a unpleasant amount rubbing and chapping has occurred. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take until the next day.  Shaving, years of saddle time and proper fitting shorts can all help to eliminate inner thigh rubbing induced redness (ITRR), but not in all cases. In the hopes of easing the pain of training for and racing in this spring’s 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, Enduro Stuff sent out their Okole (“butt” in Hawaiian) Stuff chamois ointment for Alex and I to try.  Did the thick allantoin, tea tree oil, and aloe enriched Stuff make believers of our Okoles?  Go below the belt to find out…

Okole Stuff is not a chamois cream so much as a skin ointment, formulated with the goals of protecting your skin and helping it heal. A complaint that both Alex and I share about some chamois creams is the slimy sensation that can make a rider question the integrity of his (or her) lower gastrointestinal system. For this reason, I’ve never really taken to most creams- preferring to go natural rather than deal with that sort of nagging doubt. Okole Stuff, on the other hand, feels more like really thick Vaseline, even when applied generously. Shortly after application Okole warms to body temperature and is hardly noticeable, without ever really feeling greasy. The paraffin, lanolin, mineral oil and microcrystalline wax concoction is intended to stay on top of your skin to protect it, rather than to absorb and and loose effectiveness.  The only noticeable drawback of these ingredients is the slight petroleum smell pointed out by Alex’s roommate- as far as scents associated with 6-12 hours on the trail go, it’s pretty minor. The healing part of the equation is achieved with ingredients like allantoin (FDA approved skin protectant), tea tree oil (antiseptic/antifungal), and aloe (moisturizer). Alex has gone as far as to use it on dried out and cracked knuckles, which he feels helped them to heal within a couple of days.

While neither Alex nor I have taken to using Okole Stuff every time we ride, both of us have separately found ourselves using it if 3 hours’ riding or more are expected.  I feel like the ointment’s antiseptic properties are especially useful when a long drive stands between the ride and a good cleaning.  Neither of us have suffered from any major sores or ITRR since starting to use Okole Stuff, which is exactly the point. While all bodies are different, Okole Stuff are two-for-two with this 24 hour race team and have made the first chamois lube that I can actually bear using.  6oz jars sell for $22, 2oz for $9, and 3 4-application tins $9 (all prices shipped or from your local bike shop).

alex & marc


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binny bin
binny bin
12 years ago

this is the best of the best of butt lubes….stays on longer and feels better!

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