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Project 24.2 Review: Looking Tremendous and Staying Warm in Louis Garneau’s Enduro Bib Knikers 2

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What is better than putting on your stretchy pants on a crisp winter morning knowing you are going to be looking good (i.e. like an awkward and weird cyclist) as you take your warm up spin through the local college campus to check out the sights? Not much else ’cause even if the laymen student doesn’t appreciate your fancy stretchy pants, you know that your Louis Garneau’s Enduro Bib Knickers 2 are hugging your buns keeping things warm and comfy. Hopscotch your way across the break to get the specifics on the knickers.

I have now spent close to 5 months in the Louis Garneau Enduro Bib Knickers 2, testing the high and low temperature abilities of the knickers on the road and -when the weather allows- some dirt. I have come to a couple conclusions. First and for most the Heatmaxx fabric is totally serious about being warm. Without a stiff wind 50°F is far too warm for these bibs. Luckily the fabric’s ability to wick away moisture from the skin kept my lower portions from getting completely soaked with perspiration, except for the upper rear chamois region. I suspect that this was because of the limited amount of air flow this region receives. As for the lower temperature limit being anything below 15°F (without wind), I have found this just to be too cold for the knickers. As I feel the brisk air flowing through the shorts and across my skin. Considering that I was using these shorts as a single layer with no wind shield or base layer this is an amazing wide range of temperatures. Much wider than any other shorts hanging in my closet have to offer.

The Garneau Perfo 3D chamois that comes stitched into the Enduros does not quite fit my nether region, allowing things to move around from time to time, but has still offered me the padding required by my limited padding saddles. The chamois fits well when sitting but feels immediately bulky up front as soon as I stand. Fit aside, the chamois is well thought out as the edges tapper, limiting chaffing. Small vent holes are positioned in the chamois to offer additional airflow. As with any product that directly interfaces with a part of the body some things fit and other things don’t. It kind of bums me out that this is one of those things that don’t quite fit me- I can’t help but think that a less bulky pad would provide a bit more security and make cyclocross remounts a bit less nerve-wracking.

The Enduro Bib Knickers 2 are holding up pretty well so far. The HeatMaxx fabric is starting to show a little fabric “pilling” on the inside of the thighs- only where my thighs rub seatposts and the lower part of my saddles. I imagine that this is issue will be limited to those of us with bigger thighs- I have had it happen in many shorts that my friends never had any issues with.  The bibs part of the shorts have been doing their job as they hold the shorts up above my lacking of behind without putting additional pressure on my shoulders.  All in all, they seem well thought-out well made for $99- at that price, it might make sense to remove the pad and run your favorite shorts underneath.



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12 years ago

These photos make me feel a little dirty… It’s like BR is trying to redefine the term bike porn

12 years ago

Spell much?

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