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Prologo adds performance XC, women’s and ultralight eMTB saddles

new prologo short nose saddles for XC and women
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Prologo has launched three new saddles, two of which are in a new-for-them mid/short segment and aimed at high performance riders. They also have a new carbon eMTB saddle for racing, and a new, easier way for shops to measure you for the right saddle.

It’s worth noting that Prologo was one of the first major brands to go big on short-nosed saddles with their NDR line. Those, like most of their saddles, are a unisex design that uses a quasi-flat profile with very short nose and an extended tail that may or may not be there partially to satisfy UCI regulations.

prologo saddle length comparison shows regular, medium, and short nose saddle designs side by side

Here’s what that looks like. One the left is one of their traditional saddles, in the middle the new Scratch NDR, and on the right is the Dimension NDR. They’re lined up based on where you’d actually sit on them, showing how the effective nose length changes between them.

The new Scratch NDR and Scratch EVA are the new mid-short design, and here’s the deal…

prologo scratch NDR is a mid-length XC race saddle

The new Scratch NDR specific to XC riding, with an anatomical center further back to match how you sit when pedaling on a cross country mountain bike.

The nose is wider to provide more support and less pressure points on climbs. The Center looks very flat, but actually has a slight dip to provide tactile feedback as to where you are on the saddle. The rear’s padding is firmer to hold the rider’s sit bones up, thereby relieving pressure in the center.

bottom of new prologo scratch saddles shows cutout in carbon shell

Both it and the EVA (below) have a cutout in the shell.

prologo scratch EVA is a mid-length women's race saddle

The Scratch EVA is a women’s saddle designed to better support high-performance road riders’ anatomy. Here, the anatomical center is further forward to match where women’s sit bones usually land.

The wider nose here also spreads the load so there are no hard pressure points, and the center section is slightly recessed to further reduce pressure on soft tissue.

prologo proxim 850 carbon e-mountain bike saddle

The Proxim 850 is their lightest enduro e-bike saddle, and that’s thanks to a full carbon shell and rail construction. It’s just 160g, but with a reinforced build to handle the extra weight of the bike and an e-bike rider’s tendency to remain seated over more terrain.

bottom of prologo proxim 850 carbon e-mountain bike saddle

Why a lightweight e-bike saddle when the bikes are so heavy? Because people are racing them, and brands are making the bikes lighter and lighter, so anywhere top racers can save weight, they’re going to do it.

prologo my-own pressure mapping saddle cover helps you choose the right saddle

Lastly, their MyOwn saddle measurement system gets an upgrade. They’ll still have their sit-on-a-box systems available to dealers, but this new pressure-mapped saddle cover takes it to a new level.

Containing lots of sensors, which will automatically deactivate in spots where there’s a cutout on the saddle, it gets a better sense of where you’re experiencing pressure when you’re actually on the bike. So, it can see which saddles actually fit your anatomy best.

For fitters, it can also show how saddle position and width can change your comfort. All in all a good tool, and they’ll be rolling it out to select dealers globally this fall.


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