Prologo introduced CPC sections on their saddles a few years back, putting a grippy, vibration damping material shaped like tiny tentacles. It’s used in F1 to reduce fatigue, and they put it on their gloves’ palms, too. Last fall, they upgraded it to CPC Airing to improve its performance and enhance air flow to help control heat buildup while you’re riding. At that time, it was only available on their top level “Nack” models with carbon rails. Now, you can get CPC Airing on their Tirox alloy-railed saddles for road and mountain, too…

All of their road models are now available in both Nack and Tirox editions with CPC Airing. On the mountain side, look for it on the SCRATCH X8, NAGO X10 and the new XZERO, shown above. All of them are available in black or white.


  1. Mike Williams on

    Anybody else think that saddle manufacturers do a crappy job of promoting their products? I might need to replace my, ironically, Prologo MTB saddle so I went to the site (linked to here)…looked at Products but couldn’t narrow it down to less than 50 options. I tried their fitment tool but it didn’t work at all (at least with a Firefox browser). Had the same experience with Sella Italia after they came up with their custom fit campaign…entered my details and nothing came up that I didn’t already know about and couldn’t use (never mind none of my local LBS’s carried anywhere near the variants SI claimed to offer). Screw it…I am just going to buy another Specialized Romin…better saddle, better price.

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      You’re right, but I’m going to guess that it would be a better investment to train and subsidize stock with bike fitters/shops. I’m amazed about the lack of saddle knowledge you find in many LBS. I still think you can narrow saddles down based on design from a website (assuming you know flexibility, sit bone width etc) but there is still value in trying saddles out. Still prologo makes an excellent product with poor marketing.

  2. Aliz on

    Dear Mike,
    Prologo since the beginning is focused to give products with the best comfort and technology to its customers.
    The CPC airing techology is patented by Prologo and this is the reason why nobody else can use this great techology on saddles.
    Pls check the video maybe you can understand better the benefits coming form CPC.
    Our fitment tool insetad, cannot be used by a browseras Firefox or Chroome or whatever… . You have to find your closest official dealer and in 2 minuts you have the results, It’s not a system that you can do approssimately putting your measurements on line.
    Infact, you need to take the exactly back flexibility, ischial bones measure etc..trough out tools (and you need a password and to be registrated!).
    This is a scientific system based on several important factors.

    Hope to clarify your doubt
    thank you,


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