Yes, the buttery smooth Fox Kashima Coat is not just for forks any more. Apparently, as Geoff Kabush tweeted from the Fontucky Pre-race practice. The prototype seen here looks to be very similar to the current XV canned RP23 with the obvious addition of the Kashima Coating, and the black ProPedal tune knob.

However, if you look closer you will notice a few different things. One, I have never seen or heard the RP23 referred to as Adaptive Lockout, which is printed right above the RP23. Could this be an evolution of the RP23 to include an actual lock out? Also, it could just be the hardware for a bike that I’m not used to seeing, but there looks to be some difference in the DU bushing mounting areas. Like I said, it could just be the mounting hardware for a specific bicycle, but it doesn’t look like the DU bushing and hardware for any bike I’ve ever seen.


  1. jameso on

    I think adaptive l-o means the new lockout theat goes from lock to propedal, rather than the propedal to open of old.

  2. Mart on

    Both DU section are just a three piece reducer kit with the outer sleeve removed but the plastic washer were left in place. That’s why you don’t see the red DU sleeve that is just under.
    Otherwise, looks great!


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