Fix Manufacturing gave us a sneak peek at their new Eflator mini air compressor last month, but now you can actually order one. And you never have to get sweaty again, pumping up your tires just before a ride. Developed to replace your regular floor pump, this small self-contained battery-powered compressor is small enough that it can head to the trailhead with you, yet powerful enough to inflate road or mountain bike tires at home. It even packs enough juice to air up more the eight tires from flat on a single charge.

Fix Mfg Eflator portable battery-powered tire pump

Fix’s rechargeable battery-powered Eflator electric tire pump is small enough to fit in your hand – it’s just 3.5″wide, 1.9″ thick & 5.4″ tall not counting its air hose (9x5x14cm). It’s not meant to replace the mini-pump you carry on a ride, but your much bigger floor pump. The whole idea is to “forever change your ride prep game”.

You just set your ideal pressure on the built-in digital gauge (from 4 inflation preset targets: 9/30/32/36psi), thread it onto your valve, and it inflates your tire to the perfect pressure hands-free. Easy-peasy.

Tech details

Fix Mfg Eflator portable battery-powered digital tire pump,  mini air compressor, Shrader

c. Fix Mfg

The Eflator is powered by a 2000mAh internal battery, recharged via standard USB-C cable included. Fix Mfg says that’s enough power to inflate 9 typical mountain bike tires from flat up to 30psi, or 8 road tires up to 100psi. They aren’t exactly clear how high tire pressure it can go, but do rate the mini air compressor tire pump up to 100+psi, good enough for any modern road tires in my mind. No word on how much it weighs, but we’d guess it’s more than half a kilo, meaning you likely won’t carry it in your CamelBak.

Fix Mfg Eflator portable battery-powered digital tire pump,  mini air compressor, tech details

The pump can be set to display tire pressure in psi, kPa, bar, or kg/cm2 on its large display. It works with Schrader valves, but also includes a thread on Presta adapter and a small carrying bag to keep it all tidy. It even builds-in a small LED flashlight so you can easily inflate tires in the dark.

Fix Mfg Eflator portable compressor – Pricing & availability

Fix Mfg Eflator portable battery-powered digital tire pump,  mini air compressor, contents

The Fix Mfg Eflator digital pump isn’t the first portable battery-powered tire pump / air compressor we’ve seen, but at $90 it is surprisingly affordable. Not cheap, but we see plenty of floor pumps that cost more, and make you work for it.

fix mfg portable mini electric tire pump and tool kit

The Eflator is available for pre-order today direct from Fix Manufacturing with a 1-year warranty, and deliveries are expected to ship by December 1st.


  1. 8oo8 (@8oo8) on

    $90 is surprisingly affordable? I’ve been using portable air compressors for my bikes for years and they can be found for about $20 at hardware stores as an accessory attachment for Black & Decker and Ryobi. This one is lighter and more compact but unless they add features like USB ports it’s probably only going to sell to clueless rich people who’ve never set foot in a hardware store.

    Also, the fact that they are running a Schrader adapter instead of a presta-specific head definitely makes it unworthy of costing $90. You’ll be cursing the thing when your inflator starts leaking out half of your air.

  2. barael on

    Looks quite a bit like the Xiaomi Mi electric pump (down to the the 4 presets), which isn’t a bad thing (I own one and like it). It’s been a round a while though and can be had for quite a bit less than $90, though…

  3. Gillis on

    Are those totally useless presets reprogrammable? 9/30/32/36…Maybe those suit some, but all my mtb’s are under 30psi, and all my road bikes are 60-85.
    And I gotta agree with the other comment, using a presta adapter is cheap and lame at that price.
    Given that this starts with a Schrader valve, I get the feeling this was intended for a different market (4×4 off-road?) and is now being poorly repackaged for bikes.
    Also, no indication here of the accuracy.

  4. nooner on

    I paid $40 for mine on Aliexpress and it goes up to 150 psi. Very accurate for dialing in air pressures for shock, fork, and tires.

  5. Ken on

    Not enough battery for automotive use, you couldn’t inflate half a 4×4 tire with that. They often have pumps/compressors mounted to and powered by the vehicle. There’s a whole aftermarket for them. I have one on my zr2.

  6. tech9 on

    There’s about 40 different version of these on amazon right now all for around 30-50.00. Many with much higher mAh than this. The price of this one is a stretch.

  7. Brian Nystrom on

    I can see where this could be a useful tool for ride guides to carry, but beyond that, no. If I ever get so lame that I can’t pump up a bike tire, I probably won’t be able to ride, either.


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