GPS cycling computers are getting more aero, so why not smartphone mounts, too? If you prefer your iPhone or any of the Android-based phones to a Garmin, Wahoo, etc., you now have a premium alloy out-front mount. The new Quad Lock Out Front Mount PRO is a sleek, alloy mount that’s a major upgrade from the original and uses their proven retention system to secure any smartphone (or anything, really) to your handlebars.

what is the most secure smartphone and iPhone handlebar mount

If you’re rocking one of the more popular Android phones or any of the iPhone models, Quad Lock has a case for you that both protects it from drops and dings and integrates the female end of their twist-to-lock mount. Or, opt for their stick-on universal mount and you can literally stick just about anything with a flat surface on the back to their mounts (photos at bottom show options).

quad lock out front mount pro is the aero smartphone handlebar mount

quad lock out front mount pro shows how to mount your smartphone on the handlebars

The new PRO mount brings the phone lower and further out, perfect for today’s ever larger screens. The design upgrades to an CNC’d 6061 aluminum body with a lower profile, and positions the phone in a more viewable spot, too.

quad lock out front mount pro offers an aerodynamic and universal smartphone mount for bicycle handlebars

The PRO mount keeps the original’s dual locking system. Twist it into place and the tabs hold it securely while the blue tab springs up to lock it into place. To release, just push down on the blue tab and twist. It’s shipping now for $59.95, cases sold separately (~$29.95). They also have cases for the new iPhone XS/XS Max phones available, too, and a GoPro/Light mount ($14.95) add-on that can be bolted to the bottom of either Out Front mount.


  1. Celest Greene on

    This is awesome. I wouldn’t leave my main safety and communication device out there, but when a retired smartphone or inexpensive burner can be had for sub-$50, it makes a Garmin or wahoo look a little silly.

    • Collin on

      But both the Garmin and the wahoo will work when its cold out. My pixel and my past iPhones die instantly when its cold. Plus, they are built to take a bit more abuse then a smart phone. The only time this make sense is for zwift.

    • Robin on

      For a significant fraction of riders, the typically larger feature set of dedicated bike computers makes them a better option than a phone app.

  2. Crash Bandicoot on

    Why not just make an adapter that allows you to mount your quad lock phone to a garmin or elemnt quarter turn mount. I used to arts and crafts a quarter turn mount onto the bottom of an old phone case back in the day so I could mount the phone on my bike for zwift purposes add on benefit..instantly had phone mounts on every bike.

    • Gary on

      The Quad Lock bike mounts have a positive latching mechanism. Whether or not you think it’s necessary is another question, but it is a product differentiator.

      I’ve found a phone to be a perfectly capable replacement for a Garmin/Bolt/etc for rides up to ~3 hours. Beyond that, battery life is an issue, and the dedicated devices are the better choice.

      The Quad Lock ecosystem goes beyond bike stuff. Besides the bike mount, I’ve used the car mount (phone as GPS), and the tripod mount for photography (fantastic for the Bike Fast Fit app). Furthermore, the phone cases have saved my phones from damage on numerous drop[s, despite being quite slim in design. Quad Lock stuff is a little expensive, but well-thought-out and well executed.


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