Along with their impressive new Especial Tres pack (more on that soon), Timbuk2 recently sent out their new ICOE (In Case Of Emergency) mini tool.  An impressively solid little tool, the ICOE includes a 15mm box end wrench, tire lever, 4mm and 5mm Allen keys, and a bottle opener.  How does it work?  Skip on past the break to find out!

As any schoolkid will tell you, magnets are cool.  And Timbuk2 use them here to good effect.  Magnets keep the Allen bits from rattling around inside the ICOE, they keep the logo’d sliding door closed, and they keep the bits attached to the tool when in use.

The solid aluminum construction makes the $35 ICOE a satisfying thing to hold.  The deep 15mm box end wrench gives plenty of purchase on axle nuts- though the 4in length may lead to a bit of cursing if things are overly tight.  The aluminum tire lever is a bit intimidating- I didn’t have any rims that I was willing to sacrifice in order to try it out but am reasonably sure that it will work in a pinch.

The real question, though?  How does it work on bottle caps?  A scotch drinker myself, I took the ICOE down to a local bike shop (where I was reasonably sure I would find beer on a Saturday afternoon).  The unanimous verdict?  The price may be a bit steep, but the ICOE is a pretty awesome urban mini tool.

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9 years ago

Gotta be a shop gremmie using that bottle opener. That’s a knuckle buster. Real beer drinkers would know that you put your fingers over the end and lift the cap off.

9 years ago

I would buy it as a bottle opener that just happen to have a couple hex included. Cool tool.