Race Face adds half-size and olive color to its T2 Tailgate Pad line

Race Face just rolled out its latest improvement on the brand’s versatile T2 Tailgate Pad. This time around, Race Face adds a new “Half Stack” size and fresh olive color option to the T2 collection.

Race Face T2 Tailgate Pads

Beyond the hue and smaller size option, the T2 hasn’t changed. The design team kept the raised bumpers to keep each bike in its own zone during transit.

A fold-out panel and micro-brushed inner liner protect tailgate paint jobs without blocking off your truck’s rear camera or gate handle.

Thanks to the flexible PVC tarpaulin construction and a bevy of straps, every T2 truckbed pad adapts to fit any bed shape.

Pricing, availability

The T2 Tailgate Pad comes in half pad (MSRP $109), full-size (MSRP $219), and mid-size truck (MSRP $209) sizes. The half pad design can accommodate up to two bikes, mid-size is good for up to five, and the full-size pad can handle six. For precise dimensions, check out Race Face’s T2 measurement guide.

As with all Race Face equipment, the T2 is available directly from the company.

In addition to the new olive colorway, all three pads also come in black or inferno (fern print).


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