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Race To NAHBS! ADHD Interview: 11 NAHBS-Related Questions For Bilenky Cycle Works

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As huge fan of tandem recumbent tricycles, I am deeply offended by the Bilenky Frame Works guys’ answers to our 11 NAHBS-related questions. I had half a mind to not publish this vicious diatribe. If there is one thing I love more than electric “bicycles” (that go over 20 mph without pedaling), it’s tandem recumbent bicycles. I was going to ask Bilenky to build me an electric-assisted, steel lugged, S & S coupler-havin’, fixed gear, belt-drive, tandem recumbent cross bike, but now…you know what they can do? Go straight to hell, that’s what. Hey Bilenky, I hope Vanilla Workshop DESTROYS you in the Royal Rumble at NAHBS.

11 NAHBS-Related Questions:

BR: Are your plans for NAHBS a secret, or can you tell us a little bit about what you’re showing?
BF: Define secret…Okay….Okay….

We have been commissioned, along with Chris Bishop, to create a pair of his’ and her’s townie bikes to become part of the famous ‘Horton Collection’. Our Artisan Mixtie will be one of three bikes featured in our booth. (T, were trying to get pictures. I’ll send along when we get them).

BR: What about the booth, anything extra-special-crazy in the booth department?
BF: Our idea is to highlight the fact that despite the reputation, we at Bilenky clean up quite nicely with a bit of soap and elbow grease.

BR: What do you see as the hot trend at NAHBS this year?
BF: Artisan Mixties and beards.

BR: What is the lamest frame building trend ever?
BF: Artisan Mixties and beards.

BR: What is the most challenging or horrible thing you’ve had to do as a frame builder?
BF: The epic and eternal battle with the calender.

BR: What is your favorite type of bike to build?
BF: A nice, light, well proportioned Tourlite, which is our sport touring/randonneuring model.

BR: As a frame builder is there anything you absolutely will not do? Like a not-without-a-gun-to-my-head type thing?
BF: Tandem Recumbent Tricycles.

BR: Sum up your entire bicycle building philosophy in one word or less. Kidding. How about three words?
BF: Metal. Fire. Thought.

BR: If you weren’t building bikes, what would you be doing?
BF: Steve would be a plumber. Carl would be a male underwear model. Weller would make regular appearances on day time tv shows. Kasy would be a crab fisherman. Brian would become a turn table. Isis would be the lady walking around center city correcting the grammar of strangers. Ray would be waiting tables, and finishing the glasses of wine that the guests leave behind. Bob would be a cranky kindergarden teacher.

BR: Who is your bike-building idol? Who do you look up to?
BF: Bob Ross.

BR: This one is important. Of the people showing at NAHBS, who is the last frame builder you would ever want to fight? Like physically.
BF: We’re not afraid of anyone, seriously…

However we are looking forward to the Vanilla Workshop vs. Bilenky Cycle Works Royal Rumble which was postponed last year.

For more information visit the Bilenky Cycle Works website.

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13 years ago

Anyone else think the top photo looks something like a cigarette ad, especially with that giant ‘cigarette’ standing tall on the right side of the photo?

13 years ago

Say what? They refuse to build a recumbent tandem trike, but they’ll build a 2/3rds recumbent tandem? (Recumbent front and rear, upright in the middle)


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