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Race To NAHBS! ADHD Interview: 11 NAHBS-Related Questions For Parlee Cycles

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While the guys at Parlee Cycles of Beverly, MA may not share Curtis Inglis’ love of all things swoopy, they do have one thing in common with the second most feared man in the handmade bicycle universe  — a pathological dread of being beaten to death by a kilt-wearing Don Walker. (Really, it’s true.)

And speaking of Parlee, BikeRumor will be paying the frame builder a little visit…TODAY! Oh [expletive] “BikeRumor” should probably brush its teeth and get ready.

11 NAHBS-Related Questions:

BR: Are your plans for NAHBS a secret, or can you tell us a little bit about what you’re showing?
P: Well I can tell you about the bikes, but the rest is really secret. But seriously, we will be showing both our custom as well as our stock bikes with some unique stuff thrown in, stop by our booth and you can see the rest.

BR: What about the booth, anything extra-special-crazy in the booth department?
P: Just the people in it… The rest will be pretty standard. If the snow in Texas keeps up we might bring Bob’s new carbon snow shovel.

BR: What do you see as the hot trend at NAHBS this year?
P: More lugged steel bikes. I bet there might even be a fixed gear or two.

BR: What is the lamest frame building trend ever?
P: See the previous question.

BR: What is the most challenging or horrible thing you’ve had to do as a frame builder.
P: Talking to people can be pretty challenging.

BR: What is your favorite type of bike to build?
P: One that’s paid for, unless it’s a prototype I guess.

BR: As a frame builder is there anything you absolutely will not do? Like a not-without-a-gun-to-my-head type thing?
P: Build bikes with swoopy BS

BR: Sum up your entire bicycle building philosophy in one word or less. Kidding. How about three words?
P: Efficiency

BR: If you weren’t building bikes, what would you be doing?
P: Building snow shovels.

BR: Who is your bike-building idol? Who do you look up to?
P: Tom Rodi

BR: This one is important. Of the people showing at NAHBS, who is the last frame builder you would ever want to fight? Like physically.
P: Don Walker. The kilt really scares me…

For more information visit Parlee’s website.
And f you missed BikeRumor’s post about the 10.36 lb Parlee, check it out HERE.

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