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Race To NAHBS! Ira Ryan Cycles: Mr. T.’s Road Bike

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OK fine, you got me, it’s a Mr. T.’s road bike, not The Mr. T.’s road bike. The real Mr. T.’s bike would have way more gold.

This bike was made for one Mike T. by Ira Ryan Cycles of Portland, Oregon. Many frame builders like to keep their NAHBS plans under wraps, who knows if this thing will even be at NAHBS! (exclamation point mine). Ira probably knows, but, for the life of me I couldn’t find any way to contact him through his website or blog. Of course I have all the internet skills of a lobotomized capuchin monkey, so the contact button is probably there, sitting in plain view. If you have a six-year-old in the house, he can probably find it. Or your cat, the cat will definitely find it.

Many more photos of this steel lugged frame with Deda tubes, Sram force group and handbuilt nickel plated stem after the break.

Ira Ryan has built over 100 frames since he opened up shop in 2005. Looks like he’s got things figured out.

Full wrap fenders…so freakin’ Portland.

In case there was any doubt as to this bike’s origins.

If someone hasn’t already done it, I’m making a T-shirt that says “Lugs Not Drugs.” It will almost make sense to a certain minority of weird, weird people.

After I put my T-shirt order in, I’m calling Marty from Geekhouse to see if he’ll build me a RAW steel-lugged frame. Marty loves RAW frames. And I love how lugs look before they get painted. Not that they’re all that ugly after they’re painted.

This looks like a bike that might get some use. And it’ll look good while it gets used.

Like I was saying…love lugs. These look like bad-ass-little-helmets for medieval knights. Miniature knights.

Handbuilt nickel-plated stem. Wow.

Another view.

What a total waste of perfectly good miniature medieval knight hats…helmets…whatever.

To learn more about Ira Ryan Cycles, go HERE.

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13 years ago

“If you have questions, feel free to email me at iraryancycles@gmail.com or give a call at 503-810-2504. My little workshop is located at 7331 N. Knowles, Portland, OR. 97217.”

took some searching, but my cat found it at the bottom of his “Process” page

13 years ago

I’ll totally make that shirt and give you one at NAHBS if you work on a design with me.

13 years ago

gotta say that the Tompson seatpost on that there looks hideous. That kink throws the vibe off for me. Aaaand it should be silver.

Wow I’m critical today.

otherwise it looks to be a sweet commuter. Diggin the headbadge

13 years ago

public service time…


“If you have questions, feel free to email me at iraryancycles@gmail.comor give a call at 503-810-2504. My little workshop is located at 7331 N. Knowles, Portland, OR. 97217.”

13 years ago

Gorgeous frame thrown completely awry with component selection IMO.

SRAM logo work completely sucks your attention away from the muted and crisp aesthetic
The Thomson seat mast while ok does look somewhat ridiculous with the setback. If going custom steel why not get the TT and ST angle such that you can run a straight seat mast.
Brooks saddle for commuting in rainy NW . . . really . . . ? I commute on a Swift sometimes, when I know it is going to be poor weather in SW Ohio I switch for my Fizik Aliante

On the positive note:
Full fenders with dual stays . . . what manufacturer and model are those?
The stem is lovely in craftsmanship, but why limit oneself on the adjustment like that?
Sturdy all around performing clincher wheel-set ( guessing Chris King with his no Campy option 🙁 . . . ) and Contis!

And that completes my compliment sandwich for Ira Ryan’s NAHBS bike. Looking forward to the show.

13 years ago

‘helmet for miniature knights’ – I’ve never called it a miniature knight before, but I’d certainly be willing to consider trying on helmets with the right woman.

But seriously – this how you sex up lugs:


13 years ago

@Thom –
Been done.
Any design you could come up with would trump these.

“Lugs Not Drugs” T-Shirt.

Better: Apron

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