Psimet announced a new line of rims and wheels ready-made for cyclocross racing. Simply dubbed the “X” line, the rims are shaped for wide tubular tires at the UCI 33mm size limit – giving up to 60% more glue contact area than the competition. Along with wide and round rim edges to prevent pinch flats, X rims are ready to hit the mud.

PSIMET X disc carbon tubular cyclocross rims & wheels

Psimet has been in the CX game for a while now, and just updated and expanded their tubular racing line-up. The new disc brake X wheels have a singular focus on cyclocross performance, rather than attempting to be a ‘do it all’ product for gravel or training.

Using a rim width of 33.8mm with special shaping, Psimet claims up to 60% more glue contact area than ‘other popular wheels’. This is combined with wide rounded edges to help prevent pinch flats. Rim depth is 30mm.

Rim weight is not available, but Psimet quotes a wheelset weight of 1,360 grams when used with Industry Nine centerlock disc hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and self-locking brass spoke nipples.

The Psimet X wheelset is available now for $1,799. Psimet can also include Challenge or Donnelly tires – and will even glue them up for you – for an additional fee.

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