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Raddest Wool Cycling Jacket Ever?

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Normally, one wouldn’t think to combine modern wool cycling fabric technology with retro hot rod styling courtesy of late 70’s/early 80’s movies. Thankfully for us, Stevil Kinevil of  Allhailtheblackmarket fame (infamy?) isn’t what most cyclists would consider normal, and that’s a good thing. If this Smokey and the Bandit wool cycling jacket/jersey, complete with the Trans-Am crest on the chest and Trans-Am Bandit shoulder patches, doesn’t scream American cycling, I don’t know what does.

Not only are you almost guaranteed to be the only one in your local group ride with a Burt Reynolds inspired jersey, you will also be able to gloat about the fact that you own a custom Earth, Wind, and Rider Wool Jacket. As for Wool as a “technical” fabric, the new wools are really starting to gain more ground in the cycling apparel market, and for good reason. Just as EWR tells it, “Earth, Wind and Rider Jerseys: No scratch, no sniff.”

Now, mind you, all of this epic style, and woolly goodness doesn’t come cheap at $160 a pop, but for a such a unique jersey/jacket with just a touch of irony, it’s hard to resist.

Not familiar with the inspiration for this jacket? See it, along with all the info from Stevil after the break!

From Stevil:

My first goal was to ride my bike and drown my sorrows, which I handled immediately. After that I took to looking at the long term.

With that in mind, aside from the Black Market kits, as well as other assorted goods, I knew that there was one project I wanted to see happen, and I can’t think of a better time for it to than here at the head of 2011. In association with Earth, Wind and Rider, I am very proud to present the All Hail The Black Market ‘Smokey and The Bandit’ wool replica full zip jacket/jersey. It is without even a hint of irony that I say this movie (Smokey and The Bandit number one, not number two, in which he actually wore this jacket) might very well be one of my top 20 favorite films of all time, and for those of you who understand, there’s no need to explain.

For those of you who don’t, I can only say that I’m sorry for you.

Like the Black Market kits, I have to sell these on a pre-order basis for two reasons.

1) I don’t have the money to lay down for an initial minimum order.
2) Even if I did, I don’t have room to sit on a bunch of these in hopes that they eventually sell.

By doing it this way, each of these very customized garments will come in the specific size that you choose. It goes without saying that after this order is done, it will never happen again.

…Unless the parasites from Urban Outfitters catch wind of it, and begin mass producing them at some crap-hole in China, which in turn *might result in some firebombing of their corporate offices, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

* Probably will.

Anyway, the nuts and the bolts on the matter is this;

Starting now, I have a 90 day order window. All orders need to be placed by Wednesday, April 6th. Should I be slapped with a cease and desist order, which my lawyers say is more than likely, then all the more reason to get your order in sooner rather than later.

Each full zip jersey is painstakingly hand crafted out of Merino Wool, and are an absolute steal for 160.00 a piece.

The Earth, Wind and Rider garment sizing is true, so as they say in their sizing chart, if you wear a large jersey, then a large size is what you should order. Or you can decide for yourself;


as always, if you have any questions, please direct them to me at stevil@allhailtheblackmarket.com.

P.S. Burt Reynolds mustache not included.

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13 years ago

Screaming Chicken!

If it hasn’t been licensed, you can definitely bank on at least a C/D order. GM would be obligated to protect their trademark or risk losing the rights to it completely.

jimmie proof
13 years ago

It’s in the public domain by now.

13 years ago

I heard something about ‘fair use’ laws, but then again I was being smothered by a 250 pound Argentinean woman at the time, so my ears might have been playing tricks on me.

11 years ago

we just received a small order of them.
2 small, 2, medium, 3 large, 1 XL
$140 each.
you know where to find us.

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