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Raleigh SSCXWC Single Speed Carbon Cyclocross Bike

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While poking around the Raleigh website the other day, compiling info for the post on Raleigh’s 2011 bikes, I stumbled into thing like it was a pointy-edged coffee table…made of carbon fiber, that wasn’t really all that pointy. It’s a single speed carbon ‘cross frame Raleigh produced for SSCXWCs in Seattle. Raleigh has a tradition of putting out small batches of very special bikes for the Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships (just in case that rather unwieldy acronym was lost on you back there) and this is their 2011 edition.

You may be asking yourself: “what are the specs and how do I get one and what the hell does Ke$sha mean when she says ‘woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy?'” All will be revealed…after the break.

These frames aren’t exactly easy to get a hold of — the only way you can possibly procure one of these bad mammer jammer’s is through the SSCXWC blog, but as of December 16th there were sill frames available, so there is hope, and…

Everyone who orders a frameset will receive a commerative SSCXWC Tshirt and a pair of SSCXWC socks to don while riding their sweet new rig. In addition you will receive a SSCXWC Stanley flask to keep that warm feeling inside going well after the ride is over.

Now, as promised, the specs:

* CNC’d drop outs that are keyed for a Gates Carbon Belt Drive
* Flat Top Tube for shouldering
* Head Tube is 1 1/8 to 1 1/8
* Fork is the New Enve CX fork
* Hub Spacing is 130mm
* Seatpost is 31.6mm
* Standard threaded BB

About those Ke$ha lyrics…

I really have no idea. I think she means that she feels rough, but I don’t know why P Diddy would feel rough. It probably feels pretty good to wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy. Beats the hell out of waking up in the morning feeling like Charlie Sheen.

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13 years ago

Scoop there it is (was).

Bad Idea Racing wins this battle.



13 years ago

Ooooof thanks for letting us know about this one day after the contest entry cutoff!

13 years ago

I tried to figure out a reason to own one, but one 50+ mile cyclocross’ish race doesn’t justify such expense.

So nice, I would give up one testicle in exchange though…

13 years ago

the p-diddy reference is feeling like p-diddy, who is a pimp daddy, therefore she feels awesome. because we all know p-diddy always feels awesome.

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