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Rapha Gavia commemorates historic edition of Giro d’Italia unpredictability

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The 101st Giro d’Italia is underway as we type (#Giro101). And to commemorate the unpredictable nature & excitement of this springtime Italian Grand Tour, Rapha are harkening back to the iconic 1988 condition with a riding clothing collection to keep you protected when the weather turns. As snow met the peloton, Andy Hampsten attacked the Gavia to climb into the race lead and the coveted maglia rosa, now relive it with the Gavia ’88 collection…

Rapha Gavia cold weather gear for unpredictable riding

Andy Hampsten’s attack over the Passo di Gavia and subsequent cold descent in the 14th stage of the 1988 Giro put him into the lead, but it was the brutal snowy weather that really made that ride iconic. Looking back to the type of gear that kept Hampsten from freezing, Rapha created a retro collection of modern technical gear to protect us on those unpredictable spring rides high on the alpine mountain climbs.

The limited edition Gavia collection references the colors, layout, and logos of Hampsten’s 7-11 team, but in a new look and modern materials that isn’t just a remade retro pro replica. The collection includes a commemorative Jersey, Pro Team Race Cape, Neoprene Gloves, Classic Bib Shorts, a Giro Baselayer & a Winter Hat, all with details calling back to Hampsten’s decisive ride.

Gavia Jersey & Classic Bib Shorts

The best modern jerseys we’ve seen to handle changing mountain weather all mix merino with modern fabrics. The limited edition $210/185€ Gavia Jersey does just that with Rapha’s 150 gram Sportwool RPM in a bright blue to commemorate the combination classification jersey Hampsten wore on stage 14 – the last day before he swapped for pink. It gets a stitched on front panel with the overarching Gavia ’88 logo, embroidered notes & patches highlighting race details, a classic 3-pocket layout, and a period-correct 1/4 length metal zip lined with pink accents.

Pair it with a pair of the latest Rapha de facto standard $275/240€ Classic Bib Shorts II, here again with Gavia ’88 logos, and a pink La Gazzetta dello Sport, newspaper-style print for the bib straps.

Gavia Pro Team Race Cape

Of course a short-sleeve merino jersey can only take you so far. Hampsten wore a red ski jacket under his jersey. You get Rapha’s $335/295€ stretchy waterproof, breathable Polartec 3-layer membrane Pro Team Race Cape in the same color. And Rapha put the same logos on the jacket so you won’t have to hide it under a jersey. The Gavia ’88 panel is even reflective.

Gavia Neoprene Gloves, Baselayer & Winter Hat

Finish it off with a set of $55/50€ Gavia Pro Team Neoprene Gloves with matching Gavia ’88 logos, team red stripes, and 3mm back/2mm palm. Hampsten wore neoprene gloves over the Gavia & down the key descent into Bormio for the finish, and oddly enough in the 30 years since nothing surpasses them for warmth in the wet. Rapha’s version are a nice cut & fit, with grippy chain link silicon palm printing, a merino liner, and have kept our hands warm & dry on many occasions.

Add in a light, wicking modern polyester $75/65€ Gavia Baselayer in pink La Gazzetta dello Sport print. It actually uses newspaper reprint from the day after his iconic win. Maybe slide on a pair of classic-length, classic white $20/17.50€ Gavia Pro Team socks.

Then top it all off with a $70/60€ Gavia Winter Hat. Rapha’s modern edition combines a waterproof, windproof front panel & brim with warm merino fabric over the rest to keep your head cozy, no matter how hard it snows or how fast you bomb the descents. Wool ribbing can flip down to cover your ears, and it is thin enough to fit under a helmet if you have a bit of room to spare.



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5 years ago

The limited edition jersey is already sold out.

5 years ago

This article should at least mention Johan van der Velde and Erik Breukink! Classic stage!

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