Rapha sent out a treasure trove of teaser images this week. The long distance Brevet gear is getting cargo shorts. Pro Team & Souplesse get more aero and flyweight, plus a colorful all-new criterium racing spin-off. And then there are the new carbon saddles. None of it is available yet. For that matter, it’s not even actually revealed yet. But soon…

An updated Brevet line, with Cargo Shorts

The new Brevet gear is less than a month away. Rapha promises all-new Brevet Cargo Bib Shorts that are built for the longest days in the saddle, and will include their own mesh pockets on the legs (and back?) for carrying smaller items. There is also some new season bright orange bringing even more visibility in the upcoming Revet Reflective Jersey.

Pro Team & Souplesse lines get updates as well

Around the Spring Classics, Rapha will add some new items to their Pro Team & Souplesse lines. Part of that will be new Pro Team & Souplesse lightweight rain vests that improve on the current mens version with new technical fabrics for better performance and packability. They also tease new aero kit, including a new Pro Team Long Sleeve Aero Jersey that builds off the aero skinsuit raced by their sponsored teams. A new incredibly light, quick drying Pro Team Flyweight Jersey and pair of Pro Team Flyweight Bib Shorts are also coming for riding in the hottest, most humid climates.

All new Pro Team Crit racing collection

In June they’ll have a new Pro Team race line called the Crit Collection. Designed as race wear, it will start off with a one-piece Pro Team Crit Suit combing jersey and shorts in a pretty wild iridescent multi-color finish. The skinsuit will feature mesh rear pockets to make it easy to pin your race number on, plus reflectivity visible through perforations in the fabric to make the night races more dramatic for those watching.

Lightweight, carbon Classic & Pro Team Saddles

Oh yeah, Rapha is getting into the premium saddles game. With the idea that they are being developed to mate up perfectly with the chamois pads inside Rapha shorts. Around two years in development, Rapha has partnered with an Italian saddle maker to produce at least a couple separate Rapha Classic and Rapha Pro Team saddle versions.

Both lines feature carbon rails. And both will be offered in enough options that you will be able to pick a saddle based on the width of your sit bones and your weight.

The Pro Team saddle looks to get a flatter profile, full carbon shell construction and appears available with or without a center relief cutout. The Classic saddle strikes a more curved profile, with a perforated cover, and what looks like a thicker, most likely reinforced nylon shell.

Rapha remains tight-lipped on the details, but we do have the approximate reveal date set for late April.



  1. VeloKitty on

    It’s easy to hate on Ralpha, but honestly, they have quite a lot of good products, they work on improving them with new iterations, and they have a good repair policy. Love those big zippers too.

  2. mudrock on

    I would like to see someone develop a line of durable saddles that are crash resistant, because everyone will crash eventually, and the saddle always takes a beating.

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      I’ve had good luck with prologo saddles.

      Three clavicles and my basic scratch saddle is still going strong. Someone needs to develop some crash resistant clavicles.

  3. dockboy on

    It really seems like Rapha could use a different lens or a larger studio so we can see the whole saddle/jersey/wallet-lightener. Stuff still looks good.


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