Wideeyez helmet shield flip up visor (2)

Thanks to Bryan from RTR Magazine for modeling Wide-Eyez for us!

At first glance, it’s pretty easy to tell if you’ll be a Wide-Eyez customer or not. We’re guessing many people will look at the add-on visor and immediately write it off as a fred-ly accessory that clearly will clash with your full Rapha kit. But, as evidenced by the number of people checking the visor out at the Recumbent Cycle Con tradeshow (yes I went – it was in my home town. I pretty much had too, right?) that there are a number of people who are willing to risk looking like a fred to have a more comfortable ride.

And truthfully? Depending on the helmet, it doesn’t look that bad…

Wideeyez helmet shield flip up visor (5)

Wideeyez helmet shield flip up visor (4)

Why would anyone want to mount Wide-Eyez to their helmet? The goal was to provide a buffer against wind, rain, sleet, snow, and of course the sun in a way that was universal fit and easy to use. The design allows for no obstructions to your peripheral vision and also fits over glasses, prescription or otherwise. The visor can be flipped up when not in use, or removed completely to use without or switch between tints.

Wideeyez helmet shield flip up visor (1)

Completely made in the U.S., the visor attaches to just about any helmet with 3M dual lock adhesive. The mounts then stay in place and the different visors can snap onto the posts. Available in Solar Bronze, Clear, and Smoke lenses, each single lens pack sells for $39.95 and there is a day/night dual pack available for $59.95.

Wide-Eyez creator Graham Hill stated that he knows the product probably isn’t going to win the cool vote, but he is happy with how many people have tried the visor and love it, and hopes to continue to help people improve their rides.



  1. dr_lha on

    If you’re already riding a bent, how much more ostracized do you care about being? Looks like they found their perfect market for this.

  2. Dude on

    Do you put function over form every time? Does your trike have a six foot safety flag and four flashing rear lights? Are the words “social media” synonymous with “bentrider forum” to you? This visor is the must have accessory for your demographic.

  3. Andrew on

    *Facepalm*…. I’ve seen worse though. In Edmonton a few weeks ago I saw a casual rider in baggy pants and a T-Shirt and a full-on TT helmet with integrated visor sipping a latte inside a trendy cafe…. it was as if he had totally forgotten he was wearing it.

  4. J-Red on

    Unfortunately my DaBrim probably precludes using this on my current helmet… But my last two helmets had integrated solar shields (though technically they were powersports helmets) and it’s actually very useful, especially for those wearing eyeglasses. I think for the cost though I’d just spring for a helmet with a shield…

    And yes, please, more Recumbent Cycle Con coverage would be nice

  5. Champs on

    The fashion opinion of people who shamelessly wear spandex may not carry the weight they think it does.

    It is conceded that this is 100% dorktastic, but so is Lycra if we’re being honest. I have as much pride not to wear these in the hills as I do sense not to kit up for an errand run by bike. I can’t dismiss this. It certainly beats Bell’s concept of the idea for $170 (Annex Shield).

  6. Craig on

    Attached to the first helmet it looks ridiculous, but on the second black helmet the darker lense is passable. Definitely a recumbent rider demographic product though. Heck if the company owner can make money selling these then that’s awesome. Better than being involved in the animal fur or weapons trade.

  7. Josh on

    I can see something like this also being useful for public safety cyclists, e.g., law enforcement, EMTs, search and rescue teams, where eye protection while in transit is critical but you want the ability to flip it out of the way and get to work without fumbling with glasses when you arrive on scene. Just saying…

  8. Mr. Subjective on

    Fredtastic, indeed. I’ll be out on the road this winter sporting one of these while the keyboard commandos here are inside dreaming up more smarmy clever comments on BR products.

  9. J-Red on

    @Bald Ben: For the first of my helmets with face shields, I customized it to look like Protoman (from the old school Mega Man series). A lot of people thought Power Ranger but at least one did think Judge Dredd. In any case, it was often noticed!

    @bsimon: With the aforementioned helmet, I never had a fog issue, because the face shield was cut out around my mouth. With my next helmet, I had fog issues, because the face shield did extend all the way down. It is helpful in the winter to have a shield, though!

  10. Graham on

    Thanks for all the colorful comments! WideEyez are for those who typically ride a lot and are interested in the benefits-no fog, deflection of wind, sun, rain and does not interfere and actually expands your site lines when you ride!

    Keep on Rolling!

  11. R.R. Gilliam jr. on

    I ride what I like YOU RIDE WHAT YOU LIKE & I will NOT find fault with you ride…I do like is product.


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