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One of the defining features of the Cruzbike recumbent range is that all of their bikes feature front wheel drive. This is done primarily to allow their bikes to use standard drivetrain components and prevent the need for a chain that is 8 feet long. But it also opens up some interesting conversion possibilities for those unable to balance on two wheels.

Cruzbikes are some of the fastest recumbents around and have the records to prove it. Soon, that speed will be available to those who wish to ride on three wheels instead of two…

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Without the constraints of a drivetrain on the rear wheel, the Cruzbike trike adapter will be able to bolt on to existing Cruzbikes. The device features a suspension linkage that allows the wheels to carve with the bike  so the rider can lean through the corners. The locking brake wasn’t hooked up, but riders will be able to set lock in the angle if desired. Still in the prototype phase, pricing and availability was unknown.

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The trike conversion would be perfect for something like this – if you wanted a really, really fast trike. The Vendetta V20 is their fastest recumbent with the most aggressive seating position calling it the fastest unfaired bicycle on the market. Built with a fully hydroformed one piece main frame, the Vendetta like other Cruzbikes flips your traditional bike set up. The rear wheel is in the front, and vice versa. As mentioned this allows for standard drive train components, a short chain, and excellent power transfer.

Frames utilize standard 700c road hub spacing and are rim or disc brake compatible with a 3.7lb claimed frame weight/22.5lb complete. The Vendetta sells for $2600 for the frame or starting at $4500 for completes.

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Shortly after Recumbent Cycle Con we caught up with Cruzbike again at the Philly Bike Expo. This time they had one of their Silvio recumbents on hand which adds a bit of suspension to the front and rear of the bike and uses a slightly less aggressive seating position. It was also fitted with another prototype in their carbon seat box. Designed to hold all your flat fix tools, food, and other bits, it also has room for two water bottles. The design allows riders to reach behind their head and easily grab a bottle while riding. It also included a magnetic cover when not in use with bottles.


  1. benh on

    That horizontal headset is not going to last. But you would have just the best time until it broke. I would love to have a go on one of these.


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