Updated 6/21:  Cougar 27×2.3 corrected to 27×2.4.

In preparation for the coming 650b onslaught, Hutchinson have tweaked three of their most popular tires in the intermediate wheel size.  The French company has embraced the trend and the tubeless-ready Cougar 27×2.2 & 27×2.4, Toro 27×2.35, and Cobra 27×2.25 are all available from distributors now.  Hit the jump for tread images…


L-R: Hutchinson Cougar, Toro, and Cobra 650b tires

From the aggressive Cougar to the versatile Toro and fast-rolling Cobra, Hutchinson should have most conditions covered.  We’re looking forward to spending time on all three as the 650b movement gains momentum.

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