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Red Bull Rampage 2010 Complete, Cam Zink Takes the Win!

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Graham Agassiz takes flight. Photo c. Ian Hylands

Since the first Rampage back in 2001, the even has left fans speechless as to what is actually possible on a mountain bike. Each year spectators leave with the knowledge that what they just witnessed couldn’t possibly be topped, as anything bigger (let alone what they just saw) is humanly impossible.

That is, until the next Rampage when of course common sense is thrown out the window and you are left with shots of impossible air, death defying drops, and insane tricks all of which shatter what you perceive as possible on a bike.

Rampage is one of those special events that draws a collective group of riders, many from very different backgrounds, to an event that is more to see what’s possible than to see who wins. As cliche as it sounds, riders feed off each other and the energy of the event to tweak their runs and pull off stunts never before attempted.

Red Bull Rampage 2010 was no different, as even qualifying and practice seeing a go for broke attitude. Once the field was narrowed to the final competitors, and after the major windstorm subsided, riders set out to dig in their final lines. While some riders like Bearclaw opted not to hit any of the man made stunts but rather natural drops and wallrides, the more or less came down to a single trick, off the most talked about stunt on the course.

See the FINALS VIDEO after the break, along with some more great photography!

That trick of course was Cam Zink’s 360 off the Oakley Icon Sender. During Cam’s first run all eyes were on the sender as Zink had already called out his trick. Cam went for it, only to get squirrely on the landing and ricochet his head off the Utah dirt. Mere mortals would have counted their blessings due to the fact that they weren’t drinking out of a straw or crippled, but Cam was determined, and on his second run – he nailed it.

3’ing the Icon sender not only earned Cam his spot in the record books for winning Rampage, but also earned him best trick for the entire contest. Just for the record, he was up against 45 foot backflips, and 62 foot no handers, among other totally ludicrous tricks. On top of everything else at Rampage, Zink’s victory also cemented his place as the 2010 Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour Champion.

Yes this is actually at the bottom of the Canyon gap, looking up. Photo c. John Gibson

1. Cameron Zink (USA) 89.2
2. Gee Atherton (England) 82.4
3. Darren Berrecloth (Canada) 81.2
4. Andreu Lacondeguy (Spain) 79.0
5. Geoff Gulevich (Canada) 77.2
6. Thomas Vanderham (Canada) 76.6
7. Robbie Bourdon (Canada) 76.0
8. Kyle Strait (USA) 75.6
9. Logan Binggeli (USA) 74.8
10. Kurt Sorge (Canada) 73.0
11. Alex Prochazka (Canada) 72.2
12. Tyler McCaul (USA) 71.8
13. Graham Agassiz (Canada) 71.0
14. Cedric Gracia (France) 70.4
15. Greg Watts (USA) 65.6
16. Michal Marosi (Czech Republic) 64.2
17. Jamie Goldman (USA) 63.8
18. Curtis Robinson (Canada) 62.4
(Mike Hopkins, Chris Van Dine and James Doerfling did not complete a full run)

Cam with the winning move. Photo c. Christian Pondella

Make sure to check out complete event highlights here.

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