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Lezyne hides puncture repair kit inside new CNC Tubeless Drive Pump & more! [Remote Otter]

lezyne cnc tubeless drive mini pump with integrated puncture repair kit for mountain bike and gravel tires
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The new Lezyne CNC Tubeless Drive hand pump hides a complete puncture repair kit inside it’s handle! Designed to fix mountain bike and gravel bike tires, it even holds (and comes with) a CO2 cartridge. Then top off as necessary with the fully functioning hand pump with flexible hose and a new flip-flop valve head.

But that’s not all! They’ve even launched their own tubeless tire valve stems. They have a unique design that integrates a tightening tool, helping you get a perfectly sealed system on both inside and outside of your rim. That and more in their Remote Otter video submission, then scroll down for photos and full specs…

Lezyne CNC Tubeless Drive puncture repair hand pump

lezyne mini pump with tire puncture repair kit inside the handle and integrated co2 cartridge

The CNC Tubeless Drive pump gets an oversized body with knurled handle that hides a complete flat repair system…assuming that flat is caused by a puncture too big for your sealant to handle. Instructions are engraved on the shaft, visible as you open it up, but here’s the quick version:

Using a rough poker to clean the hole, you then slip one of the five included plugs between the prongs and insert it into the puncture. Pull out the tool, then tighten the CO2 cartridge into the included inflator nozzle, press onto the valve stem, and boom…flat, fixed.

lezyne cnc tubeless drive mini pump with flat repair kit inside the handle

It’s a high volume pump, so topping off what the 20g cartridge didn’t get should be quick work. The whole thing compacts down to just 170mm (6.69″) to easily fit inside a hydration pack. Retail is $79.99, available May 2020.

Lezyne CNC TLR tubeless tire valves

lightweight CNC machined alloy tubeless valve stems from lezyne

If you’re gonna replace your stock tubeless valve stem, either because it broke, the rubber wore out and won’t seal, or you just need some bling, these look very well thought out.

Why? Because the barrel nut and the backside both have shaping or a tool interface to help you get it snug. That creates a good seal, and the cap doubles as a valve core removal tool so you can tighten that down, too (which is especially important if you’re using a twist-on air chuck like on their new pump!!!).

lightweight extra long Lezyne CNC tubeless valve stems for tubeless bicycle tires

They come in three sizes (44/60/80mm) and four colors (red, black, gold and blue). Retail is $19.99, available May 2020.

Lezyne Stick Drive USB bike light

usb rechargeable blinky red bike light from lezyne

Their new Stick Drive is a simple, USB-rechargable light that magnetically clicks out of it’s strapped-on mount. Pop it into any USB socket for a quick recharge and it’ll pop out 30 lumens in seven blink patterns with 270º of visibility. All that from eight LEDs in a slim, water-resistant design that’s just $29.99. Available May 2020.


What’s this Remote Otter thing?

Regular Sea Otter has been postponed until fall, but we know many brands still have new stuff to show off. So we asked them to make videos of their new stuff and send them in, and we’re sharing them with you so you can see the people behind the products and brands we all ride and use! Enjoy!!!

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3 years ago

That pump looks great! I’ve got an alloy drive that’s endured years of abuse but this one might be the replacement.

3 years ago

Had a Lezyne MTB pump for years and rebuilt it several times. The integrated tubeless fixer is great. Upgrade time! Cool valvecores too.

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