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Stan’s NoTubes explains tubeless repair Dart & carbon Flow, Baron CB7 rims [Remote Otter]

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Stan’s NoTubes gives us an overview of their newest products. First up is the carbon Flow CB7 and Baron CB7 rims. Stan’s launched these towards the end of last year, debuting their first asymmetric rims with asymmetric bead socket technology. What on earth is that? Put simply, Stan’s engineered the bead socket to allow the tyre beads to seat at the same time on each side, despite the asymmetry of the rim. Kenny from Stan’s explain this in more depth in our Remote Otter coverage, and gives us a demo of the new Stan’s Dart in action.

Remote Otter: Stan’s Flow CB7, Baron CB7 & Dart

UPDATE: This is our second edit, lots more product shots and new riding action now!

Check out our coverage of the new Stan’s Dart tubeless repair plugs here for more info on pricing and availability.


What’s this Remote Otter thing?

Regular Sea Otter has been postponed until fall, but we know many brands still have new stuff to show off. So we asked them to make videos of their new stuff and send them in, and we’re sharing them with you so you can see the people behind the products and brands we all ride and use! Enjoy!!!

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4 years ago

6bolt? That’s a step backwards stans.

Kevin Kitura
Kevin Kitura
4 years ago
Reply to  tech9

6 bolt is need SRAM.

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