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Review: 2 Wheel Gear’s Pannier Backpack 1.1 is a clever clip-on pack

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The Pannier Backpack Convertible 1.1 is a stylish and functional pannier and backpack combo. Snapping your pack onto the bike rack is perfect for summertime commuting – more breezy air flow, a less sweaty back, and a happier office. The 22 liter pack is big enough to handle a 15.6in laptop and e-coutrements, plus snacks, two bottles, and a light change of clothes. But it’s compact enough to fit onto a folding bike without it dragging or hitting my heels. 

The KLICKfix Kompakt Rail Mounting System is quick and clever, easily popped on and off the bike rack with zero worries about it holding tight. The pack snaps onto any standard bike rack (6-16mm). The KLICKfix provides a secure connection, but isn’t bulky and doesn’t get in the way when worn as a backpack. A thin plastic sheet keeps the packs form when on the bike, so material isn’t flapping against the wheel. The bike attachment point zips away when not in use and doesn’t rub on your back like other pack/pannier combos.

Two Wheel Gear is a commuter focused company, and beyond the stealthy pannier connection, the pack is loaded with clever. It has a padded and soft pocket for your phone or glasses, multiple organizing internal pockets, mesh bottle holders on each side, attachment hooks for lights, Ulock holder, sternum strap, rain-cover, and of course high-vis and reflective bits.


  • Width: 12 inch x Height: 17.5 inch x Depth: 7 inch
  • Volume: 22 Litres
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs / 1.27 kg
  • Materials: TPE Waterproof Backed 600D Polyester

I’ve been commuting to the office all summer with the pack on an Oyama folding e-bike and the compact pack matched the e-bike well. A no-brainer for staying cool on my workday commute. It’s also been great for weekend errands, like bread and milk trips to the “convenient” store which is 3 miles from my house and uphill both ways. The car will often sit for a week or more, and then I drive like my granny from lack of practice.

The pack is perfect for people commuting to class or the office. It holds a laptop and the basic gear you need for working mobile. But 22L is a relatively small day pack, so if you need to also carry a full change of clothes and shoes, then the company has bigger packs for travelling heavy. For my e-bike commute, I appreciated the 1.1’s compact nature because it fit the folding bike well and kept things light and simple. The whole idea of the e-bike is so I don’t need a second set of clothes or a shower. I zip across town, snap off the pack, and I’m ready to work. And riding without wearing a pack, especially on a hot day, feels great. It’s like skinny dipping, or naked criteriums, only far more practical.

Bike commuting isn’t all sunny summer days though, and I’ve had a couple thunderstorm rides with deep puddles and fears of a submerged laptop. For light rain the TPE coated 600 denier polyester material kept everything dry, and I only deployed the provided rain-fly during full on storms. I kept the laptop in a thick zip-lock plastic bag on rainy days just in case, but the pack has proven to be weatherproof. The snug zippers are tucked under flaps which keeps out water, but can be a little annoying to find and tug open when you’re late for a meeting. A small price to pay for a nicely sealed pack.

The Pannier Backpack Convertible 1.1 comes in grey (tested) and a waxed canvas dark blue. Retail is $159 for the pack tested. The price is on par with other high-quality bike-packs. It’s a great little day bag: light, comfortable, durable, and smart. www.twowheelgear.com/

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