If you saw our list – 13 lights to check out for daylight saving – you may have come across the BINOREAL Radius F1. It’s the latest smart headlight that automatically adjusts based on the riders speed and pushes up to 650 lumens for plenty of visibility



Out of the box, the Radius F1 650 comes with a bar mount that fits 25.4-31.8mm bars, a hex wrench for out-of-the-box installations and a USB to magnetic pin cable. The mounting bracket has their TurnLock system which requires only a twist of the light to install and remove. The two-pin connection at the light makes for some pros and cons. For instance, the design helps give it an IPX7 waterproof rating, but you’re out of luck if you lose the cable. Looking at power, its Cree XM-L2 U3 LED runs off a battery that competes with most smartphones at 3300mAh.



The 650 complete with mounting bracket and shim weighs in at 133g. While its remote and large bar loop comes in at 16g bringing the combined weight to 149g.

BINOREAL Radius F1 Brightness

This is a representation of the difference in brightness at the focal point between high, medium and low powers. Does not focus on the light’s diffusion.

Radius F1 Performance:

There are 6 output modes including high, medium, low, automatic, high flash and low pulse. Set to automatic, the light self-adjusts the output as the bike accelerates and slows down. It peaks at 650 lumens while traveling 15mph and drops to 200 lumens at a standstill. The Radius F1 also offers impressive real world run times, beating their given 2 hours on high and 9 hours on eco by about 15 minutes. Note that similar to many other lights, it will auto-adjust to eco mode when reaching a low battery. Charge time it took about 3-1/2 hours on a 2A wall adapter from when the light powered itself down.

BINOREAL Radius F1 650


Personally, I find that having to keep track of a specific cable can be a bit of a nuisance and would have preferred a plugged micro USB connection instead. Also, I found it difficult to use the remote while on drop bars due to its bezels. But this wasn’t the case for flat bars which offer a bit more room.

Ultimately the Radius F1 headlight from BINOREAL is a light I’d recommend for those of you who strive for a clean modern look and a set it and forget it build. The self-adjusting mode is convenient and works well for conserving power and removes another distraction from riders. Plus, if you’re locking your bike outside or traveling the TurnLock mount simplifies removal and installation.

Where to get it:

BINOREAL has launched the Radius F1 450, 650 and remote today on Indigogo with a goal of $15,000. Backers can expect to save 50% on each products MSRP. Outside of the campaign, the expected retail price for the 450 is $80, 650 for $100 and the remote for $20.



  1. Crash Bandicoot on

    Cool idea retail price is a bit steep considering you can find 900-1100 lumen lights with excellent optics and powerful battery life from more established players like Lezyne and Light & Motion in the $70 range. Also having gone the GoPro mounting solution with my previous lights I have to say if you haven’t please try it. It makes life so much easier.

    • Stuart james hopkins on

      You can now get a radius f1 for free……you just need to buy the light and the refer 5 friends……. via indiegogo.

  2. kiki on

    Hi Guys, what’s you opinion for magnet charger VS normal USB port, which it easy to get but the performance of waterproof is not such good.

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      I like the idea of the magnet charger personally I recharge my headlight daily and have an outlet in my bike room where it always gets plugged into. Wonder if it would be possible to do wireless charging via a Qi dock that would be sweet.

    • Crash Bandicoot on

      Magnet charger is cool and the little rubber port flap on most lights is a common failure point plus as an Apple user I don’t use microUSB often. It would be cool if they could make this Qi Charge dock compatible as well.

  3. Cliff Jones on

    My backup light in my pack has more power and better optics than this POS sorta cool idea but ride a bike and learn the market before you bring a joke like this to the table.

  4. Stuart james on

    The light has built in safety features…..if you want a super bright light granted ebay has lots of cheap and nasty lights…. i bought some that switch of everytime you hit a hole in the road….. theres also a rear light coming soon too…. its drop resistant and yes….!!!it has magnetic connectors for charging,nice and easy no faffing about getting the usb cable the right way… and no risk of damaging the charging port if you accidently drop it as the cable just disconnects…. have to say this is a well thought out light… and yes i have put my money where my mouth is… @50 usd i think its a bargin!


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