Boombotix Boombot2 wireless blutetooth speaker review

The Boombotix Boombot2 is loud acoustically and visually. It lets you bring the party to the trail, the beach, the slopes or just for living room dance parties with the kids, holding up to riding and the generally adventurous lifestyle. I’ve put this little purple monster to the test on a number of rides, both casual and while mountain biking, plus a trip to the beach, and it’s been just about perfect.

Tech specs are: 3-watt 50mm driver with separate tweeter, wireless Bluetooth or wired connectivity, impressive six hour battery life and power/volume buttons. It’s USB rechargeable in about an hour, and it can be piggy backed to another Boombot2 with the dual function in/out audio jack.

Jam past the break to catch the groove…

Boombotix Boombot2 wireless blutetooth speaker review

In the box: Boombot 2, USB charging cable, retractable audio cable, instructions, sticker and info on their swag program. The circuitry automatically switches the audio input to an output when it’s connected via Bluetooth, letting you piggy back another Boombot2 for more volume.

Boombotix Boombot2 wireless blutetooth speaker review

The charging and audio ports are covered with silicone flaps to keep the grit and water out. They don’t feel super tight when pushing them in, but they’ve kept the beach sand and any rainy mist and mud spray out just fine. The belt clip is the only means of attaching it to something, and it’s pretty firm. I clipped it to the back of my Camelbak (below) for a 3.5 hour ride and it never budged.

Boombotix Boombot2 wireless blutetooth speaker review

The audio is impressive. Say what you will about broadcasting your tunes on the trail, but being able to ride with a soundtrack and not have something stuck in your ears is liberating. When it was facing backward like shown above, the hear-ability of it dropped off a bit at speed, but it didn’t need to be obnoxiously loud to be heard at my usual pace. If you need it louder, just clip it to the front of a shoulder strap.

We also used it on a beer-n-bikes ride through downtown and it was easily loud enough for anyone in a 25ft radius to hear over traffic and other street noises. Again, we were just using it to put a little soundtrack to our ride, not drown out the conversation.

Two things stood out: Sound quality at volume and battery life. No speaker this size is going to be crystal clear at its peak volume, but the Boombot2 seems to control the bass response a bit to avoid garbling the rest of the sound. Whether this is done through circuitry or just a matter of having the tweeter separated from the driver doesn’t much matter to me, it just works. For it’s intended purposes, or for creating a little poolside or backyard ambience, it’s perfect.

On its inaugural ride, after topping off the battery, I rode about three hours on the trail, then rode 30 minutes home, then kept listening while I showered and cooked dinner. All the while it was connected wirelessly through Bluetooth to an iPhone 5. At that point, I just turned it off. Seems to me that’s plenty of run time, and we have yet to kill the battery completely with random usage and even more random charging. It’s also worth noting that even when streaming Pandora and transmitting the music wirelessly, my phone’s battery didn’t suffer too badly.

Only two small issues popped up. On the beach, the range seemed limited to about 12-15 feet from the phone to the speaker before the signal cut in and out. Around the house, the range is better. Secondly, the device is supposed to connect to multiple devices, but we would occasionally have to unpair it from one iPhone to get another iPhone to connect and play. Not every time, but more than once.

Retail is $69.99 and it comes with a one-year “no matter what” warranty. It’s available in eight different color/graphics combos, but I’m pretty sure the cables are purple for all of them. More info at


  • DIMENSIONS – 96MM(W) X 92MM(H) X 54MM(D)

And yes, it should play that new Daft Punk album just fine!


  1. G. on

    Cool little item to be listening at home…in the trails not so much! I think it couldn’t be anything more annoying than listening to someone’s loud music while you pedaling and trying to enjoy your outdoor ride! Headphones anyone!

  2. captain derp on

    i know a number of BMX dirt jumpers who use these at their local trails. trails as in dirt jump trails. they’re great for that.

  3. PP on

    I have this permanently attached to my cycling backpack (in the sense that it’s never removed). It’s great for commuting (heavy metal after a long day at work, anyone?), and really really fun when cruising around with friends. The bluetooth works very well, and it’s quite loud. Since it’s water resistant I don’t have to worry about leaving it attached in the rain (I ride to work every day, regardless of weather). It also feels safer to me than headphones, and immediately accessible volume control, versus having to reach for my phone/ipod when wearing headphones, is a major plus.

    And yes, I’m aware you can get headphones with a built-in volume control, but I don’t think headphones on city streets are safe.

  4. Joe on

    The “no-matter-what” warranty isn’t exactly accurate. They ask you to send it back to them, and if they can’t repair it from spare parts then you’re out of luck and they just give you a 30% off coupon.

  5. Tyler Benedict on

    Chris – just got it yesterday and have it charged up…but wanted to get the Boombot2 reviewed first. Thanks, and can’t wait. So, readers, look for a review of the Rex later this summer.

  6. BT on

    I’m a big fan of the Boombotix and feel it (or a similar speaker setup) is the way to go if you want to listen to music while you ride.

  7. Jason on

    I have a hello kitty umbrella I sometimes duct tape to my helmet when it rains. Would you like to publish an article reviewing the umbrella and its features? It has a button the makes it unfold automatically, and collapses very small. I can provide a photo of it on the beach too.


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