Gravity Anomaly launched in 2012 with the idea of super durable, made-in-USA mountain bike clothing that was affordable and looked good. After testing a pair of their shorts and button up short sleeve jersey for a couple seasons, I’d say they succeeded.

The Teamster Short and Boardroom Jersey go together well, both functionally and fashionably. The shorts have a subtle rip stop texture, the shirt uses a smoother fabric with mesh side panels. Lengths, fit and finish are right inline with their All Mountain intentions – not too baggy, not too tight. Materials and hardware are high quality and have held up well, too. There’s not a scuff or rip on them anywhere despite being in regular rotation since last summer.

Snap through for details, pricing and more…


The Boardroom Jersey has double or triple stitching everywhere with reasonably wide mesh panels running under the arms and all the way down the side. Two front snap pockets are the only storage, which is fine since most of us are wearing hydration packs. The front is a full snap closure, which helps a bit with breathability since there’s no zipper underneath. The material is a mid/lightweight polyester that wicks pretty good. Similar to the original Club Ride jerseys, I suspect the material was chosen for the company’s higher elevation, drier climes. For the southeast, it can be a bit much on the hotter, more humid summer days. But it’s perfect for in between seasons or when headed somewhere like Park City, UT.


The lack of mesh back panels helps it fit in better on the street, too. Perfect for aprés ride shenanigans.


The Boardroom retails for just $55. I’m 6’2″ and tested a size Large.


The Teamster Khaki Short has a 22″ outseam that sits just above the knee. The wide waistband closes with a double snap and has dual Velcro adjustment straps on either side that offer a wide range of change.


Two slash pockets on the front use mesh liners to keep them cool and are just deep enough to keep a billfold or phone secure when hanging out off the bike. Two snap side pockets and two snap rear pockets provide additional storage. The side pockets are low profile and keep lightweight things (trail maps, etc.) handy without flopping the weight around while pedaling.


The snaps at the waist and pockets are very secure with oversized outside covers to help keep them from pulling through the fabric. All in all, the 2/3/4 run stitching throughout gives them a very sturdy look and feel, which belies just how light and flexible they really are. Unlike the jersey, these shorts are fine in the humid southeast.

A rear stretch panel just below the waist band and a seamless crotch provide plenty of movement range. The length seems just right on the bike, too. The material is a 4-ply nylon that should resist water and mud, but I haven’t actually gotten them out in real wet conditions. A bit of spray from the rear wheel never made it through to the chamois, though, and they clean up very well in the wash. I tested a Large in these, also, which is equivalent to 33/34 waist.

Retail is $70, bring your own chamois or liner. Some proceeds from all sales go to trail building efforts on Colorado’s front range. As a total package, Gravity Anomaly’s gear delivers: Fits well, works great, low price and they give back to the mountain bike community. What’s not to like?

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7 years ago

Nice, the market needs more shirts like this. From what I’ve seen this is the only cycle specific, full button shirt on the market (that I like the looks of) that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

drewsey junction
drewsey junction
7 years ago

“Aprés ride shenanigans”? Why does everyone in the industry act like it’s cool to go have a drink while you are soaked with sweat and smell a toilet? (Speaking for how I look, feel, and smell after a ride.) Just bring a change of clothes, kids. It ain’t that hard. That said, more of this sort of product, made where it is designed and marketed, is better. Simple, quiet designs, quiet colour. . .I like. I harbour no ill will for the spandex look, but it isn’t always necessary. On-bike function, then to the dirty clothes bin, though.

7 years ago

Nice shirt and shorts. Like the reviewer, found the shirt to be too warm for riding in the tropics, but it makes for a good casual work shirt. Looks good.

Shorts are nice. I like having the pocket options when getting ready for a ride. Place for phone/keys/wallet/etc. I had to size up to the ‘l’ to fit my 33″ waist. Means I have a lot of take up in the waist straps, but the velcro handles it like a champ.

Had some excellent customer service from this company. Highly recommend.

And my kids really like the cockroach logo on the shirt and on the button heads.