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Review: Mountainsmith has so many ways to keep post-ride bevs chilled

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Between two different sixer capable options and a giant two-case swallowing roll top, Mountain Smith has post ride refreshments down cold.

Above, the Sling Cooler holds a six pack of cans for near term consumption. There’s no room for ice packs if you’re taking full advantage of its space, so think standing alongside the cyclocross course and heckling or manning the handup station. For longer term chilling, there’s the standard six pack cooler cube or the massive Roll Top Cooler…


NASCAR or cyclocross, you’re still gonna need some refreshments to watch people race around in circles. All of Mountainsmith’s soft sided coolers use a waterproof, seam sealed lining with various exterior fabrics. This cooler tube is their natural hemp, and the gray Roll Top shown further down is their 150d Baby Ripstop Poly. The Cooler Tube also comes in Camo Ripstop, prices from $21.95 to $24.95. It kept my bevies cool enough to enjoy for a couple hours in the baking sun (though I did stash it in the shade under my seat when possible). The adjustable shoulder strap kept it in place and comfortable. There’s just enough wiggle room in there to put a thin neoprene coozie on each can if you want a little extra insulation, too. This one got a lot of compliments.



The Sixer has been in my rotation for a while now and has since received a facelift that makes it taller. Even so, this one fits a full six pack plus room for a large ice pack. Or a bunch of 24oz Camelbak water bottles and their monster travel coffee mug. Despite the deformation, it still zips up easily, and it fits inside a standard Timbuk2 messenger. Prices from $21.95 to $24.95. With an ice pack, it’ll keep drinks cool all day long in a hot car sitting in the sun.


The Roll Top Cooler Cube is deceptively large. It’ll hold 48 cans plus enough ice to chill them. That makes it pretty darn heavy, but the straps held and the party was mobile. It’s worth mentioning that the straps are long – that’s good for shouldering the bag, but bad for carrying as it almost dragged on the ground and I’m 6’2″. Shorter folks will be dragging it or shouldering it.


All of the coolers’ walls are only about 1/2″ thick, so they work best with some cooling agent (aka ice) inside. The downside (and only other negative comment I have) is that when they’re stuffed full of ice, the outside forms condensation that makes it look like they’re leaking:


They upside? They come with a bottle opener attached to the straps. It sits a little low to use easily when the cooler is sitting on the ground, but it works. This one only comes in gray Ripstop and sells for $44.95. I’ve had it for more than a year and with regular use is still leak free. It packs down small when not in use, which is also a bonus. Good stuff.


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